I Got Stupid on Stupid Ass Questions

stupid ass questions dj paris

The fine people at StupidAssQuestions asked me to respond to stupid ass questions. I think they wanted me to choose just one from the bunch they sent, but I answered everything. They were so taken with my wit that they …

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I Sort of Broke My Garbage Disposal But Not Really

Rotisserie Chicken and Garbage Disposal

You were all wrong about my garbage disposal. I purchased a condo in 2005 because my folks were nice enough to lend me a down payment. At closing I was able to pick out all the cabinets, countertops, moldings, and appliances. …

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My Rear End is Imperfect and Needs Medical Attention

colonoscopy jug

I am getting a colonoscopy. If I rated medical procedures based on hilarity, colonoscopies would make my top ten. Not as funny as calf implants for dudes or ladies getting liposuction on their toes, but close. “So, what’s the deal with …

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