Vote Kim Kardashian for President in 2036

kim kardashian

I almost met Paris Hilton once. About fifteen years ago I was working as a marketer for a beer company. I toured around the country working with local distributors to set up and run events. I can’t remember exactly where …

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Bloggers are Weird Podcast – Allison Arnone

Allison Arnone

Humor (and my writing partner) Allison Arnone joins us for a discussion about on dating, social media, politics, and why her parents bought her at age 8 a ventriloquist dummy named Lester, an African American male-puppet dressed in a …

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Allison and D.J. Fix Your Stupid Problems About Parents


Allison Arnone just celebrated a birthday. While a gentleman never reveals a woman’s age, let’s just say this wasn’t the big 2-1. Personally I find that women improve with age (trying to maintain a straight face while typing) and Allison …

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How I Came to Own a Glorious, Glorious Bidet

my glorious bidet

Years ago back when I had around seven followers I made the following je. You know what commercial you never see during late-night tv? A family owned urinal/bidet store offering 0% financing for three years. #fb — ThoughtsFromParis (@tfpHumorBlog) …

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