New ThoughtsFromParis Announcement!

Aiming Low

I am proud to announce that I have been brought on as a full contributing editor for AimingLow.

This could not be more exciting as to be put on their official writing staff  is a very big deal to me. At first I was a lowly guest submitter hoping that they’d publish one of my articles. Next came being chosen for their Comic Relief Roster. This is the Junior Varsity team of AimingLow where you fill in when the regular writers miss a deadline. Well, after a long stint as a red-shirt (football expression I’m told) I now can proudly claim myself on their masthead. This comes at a good time, too, as the paper magazine I write for seems to be folding, sadly. They never let me do a lot of dick humor, though. AimingLow encourages it.

The grand  pooh-bah  is Anissa M, and if you haven’t heard of her, you should because she’s a total badass. Paralyzed on one side of her body she’s confined to a wheelchair, sees out of one eye, and types with one hand. Oh, and it is very difficult for her to talk. Plus, she raises three kids. And we freak out when the Starbucks runs out of creamer.

I don’t drink coffee, but I’m sure Starbucks runs out of milk and shit once in a while, right?

I got to meet Anissa at BlogHer 2012 and helped staff the Aiming Low Come as You Are party which was a blast. Her slogan is “Wheelchairs are the New Black” and if you tell her that you feel sorry she’s in a wheelchair or that she’s a hero to the  infirmed   she’ll punch you straight in the dickhead. The truth is, though, that she is a great inspiration to someone like me. Anissa has brought together some of the funniest people on the web and we all write and support each other. It’s a great example of what someone can create with a strong vision and purpose.

We held the AimingLow Non-Conference last fall and I was lucky enough to be ask to lead a roundtable discussion. I hope to be back for next year and I plan on doing a whole thing about “Writing Naked” while talking fully clothed (you thought I was going the other way with that, right? Fooled a mofo!).

The bottom line is that I’ll be publishing more often on AimingLow while still keeping up the same pace here. I also will be doing the weekly podcast and have the best of anthology book coming out in January. Plus, I might be going back to school to finally get my MBA. I’d like to hang some letters after my name to score with loose women. So, 2013 should be a busy but fulfilling year.

While I was typing this I just crossed over 40k Twitter followers. Sure, I bought my first 3.5k (as is shamefully well documented) but I earned the rest like a big boy.

This has turned into one large bragging session – oh well, please allow me this indulgence.

Lastly, I have written every word of this post standing up at my kitchen island. I saw a dude working like this online and I figured I’d give it a shot because I’m a strange fellow like him. I like it.

I can’t wait to have you tell me how great I am in 2013. I can only say so much to myself, you know.

Aiming Low
I always did.