Gumballs for $1.99!

The plastic case seems unnecessary.

I have nothing funny to say today except I went to Marshall’s for the first time ever.  It is the strangest largest store I’ve ever been inside.  That sentence is sort of goofy, but I mean, for a department store of sorts, it has the oddest collection of stuff.

I found a long tube of green apple gumballs just sitting on a shelf.  $1.99 – Compare to $2.99.  Where am I going to compare it?  I don’t know any shops that specialize in gumballs.  I’m taking their word for it that it is a deal.  Also, it was just sitting on a random shelf as if they found it by mistake and tossed it in the air and that’s where it landed.

I also purchased two pillows and new queen sheets.  There was a dedicated section for those, so I felt better about it, but I had distrust about the deal.  “Compare at $80” for my $40 sheets.  I guess that’s their model though.  Put a big retail price on the tag so you’ll feel better about the savings.

I’m not saying they don’t have great deals there, it’s just I never thought to price out gumballs and Calvin Klein sheets.  I didn’t even go there to buy sheets!

But I couldn’t pass up a $40 savings.  Pass the gumballs.

The plastic case seems unnecessary.

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