A Lost Interview with D.J. Paris of ThoughtsFromParis

I had to get one for my dog, of course.

I don’t know why I’d never thought of this before.

Over the years I’ve been asked to do interviews. Most of the time they go live (like this one on InThePowderRoom). But other times, for reasons not disclosed to me, the interview never surfaces. Which is fine, of course. This has happened about a dozen times. I never take it personally aside from setting up a fake Twitter account to troll the publication incessantly with tweets about how the head editor sleeps with livestock and may be involved in terrorist sleeper cell recruitment. READ MORE

I’ve Always Gone For the Makeout – A Confession

Well... not like these lame Roman Gods. Cooler ones with arrows and thunderbolts and big fists and stuff.

I’m thirty-six and I never learned how to date.

Back in high school when first dates were innocent and slow I assumed I was too ugly to attract a woman. (insert reader sob here. Wait… Did you actually sob? If not, go back and re-read. I want sobbing, dammit!) I did go on one date, but that was it. Other than a random kissing session, that was all I had. READ MORE

The Low After the High (and all that cliche crap)

The is a valley - get it? Because I'm in an emotional valley you bastards!

Last night I participated in a webinar where I taught somewhere between one hundred and two hundred people about my creative process for posting every day.

It’s funny because a few years back I wasn’t even writing at all. I don’t consider myself a “good” writer. I’m skilled at coming up with daily ideas. The webinar was exactly this topic – how to come up with blog posts in daily life. I prepared quite a bit and over 215 people signed up for the event. I couldn’t believe more than ten would. I’m not that popular, for chrissakes. READ MORE

I Reunited With Teen Pop Star Kiana Brown

I’ve always been a fan of girl empowerment songs.

Earlier last summer I interviewed young up and coming pop star Kiana Brown. She was fresh off winning the KidzBop competition which is basically the online version of American Idol. It’s a big deal. READ MORE

I Finished My First Podcast

Pugs are Fug

I had my first podcast experience today where I was hosting.

I’ve been a guest on a few radio shows before but never one where I did the conducting. Since I listen to podcasts everyday I figured this would be an easy task. It was not.

First were the pre-show engineering tasks. Basically I had to find music that could be used without me getting a cease and desist. Well, it turns out it’s kind of murky on what you can and can’t do. Sure I could use the a Lynyrd Skynyrd track for my intro but those hillbillies might end up coming after me. Well, their attorneys, I guess. I’m worth nothing so I wasn’t exactly worried. But it would suck to have to re edit this stuff down the road. So, I did the right thing and bought some royalty-free music. READ MORE

How Not To Blow a Radio Interview

If heaven is a real thing, I want it to smell just like this.

I was asked back to be a guest on the UK radio show American Dream Team.

During my last visit I didn’t realize they had FCC-like rules for broadcasting. Subsequently they had to cut a bunch of minutes off my interview. I always associate Britain with progressive laws and language. When I spoke to host Jodie Orton pre-show I asked her if gays could marry in the UK. She said, “Um, I think so.” She really didn’t know but made it sound like, “Why wouldn’t they be able get married?” Which, over here is still a crazy debate. READ MORE

I’m Worried About Something That Isn’t Worth Worrying About

The other option is to do one of those indoor morning boot camps where you get yelled at by former military drill instructors who were dishonorably discharged.

I’m a little worried these days.

This is going to sound like an insanely stupid problem, but here goes. I’ve been biking to work every day for over six months. Here in Chicago it’s getting close to hanging up the bike shorts (I have never worn bike shorts) for the season. Winter is coming. READ MORE

I Got Interviewed! (About Some Old Crap)

I feel that I've never seen a cameraman without flip-flops, long hair, and a dirty t-shirt. They have the most lenient dress code in the professional world.

This morning I received an interview request from the Chicago Tribune.

Since I’m always in search of external validation I was excited that someone felt it was important to talk with me. About me.

If you’re not familiar with Chicago, the Tribune is our flagship newspaper and one of the ten biggest in the country. The have real reporters and probably an  ombudsman. They’re the real deal. I announced at work that they sent me a message to interview me. Just the other day an obscene t-shirt manufacturer reached out to me asking to help promote their clothing line. They said to pick any t-shirt I wanted for free. I also had practically yelled this at work. Nobody was impressed. READ MORE