The Low After the High (and all that cliche crap)


Last night I participated in a webinar where I taught somewhere between one hundred and two hundred people about my creative process for posting every day. It’s funny because a few years back I wasn’t even writing at all. I …

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I Reunited With Teen Pop Star Kiana Brown

I Reunited With Teen Pop Star, Kiana Brown

I’ve always been a fan of girl empowerment songs. Earlier last summer I interviewed young up and coming pop star Kiana Brown. She was fresh off winning the KidzBop competition which is basically the on version of American Idol. It’s …

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I Finished My First Podcast

Pugs are Fug

I had my first podcast experience today where I was hosting. I’ve been a guest on a few radio shows before but never one where I did the conducting. Since I listen to podcasts everyday I figured this would be …

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How Not To Blow a Radio Interview

Kiehl's Liquid Hand Soap Grapefruit

I was asked back to be a guest on the UK radio show American Dream Team. During my last visit I didn’t realize they had FCC-like rules for broadcasting. Subsequently they had to cut a bunch of minutes off my …

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I Got Interviewed! (About Some Old Crap)


This morning I received an interview request from the Chicago Tribune. Since I’m always in search of external validation I was excited that someone felt it was important to talk with me. About me. If you’re not familiar with Chicago, …

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