My Old App Developer Sucks Little Monkey Balls

ugly shoes

I’ll get to the developer in a moment. I’ve never had huge aspirations for this blog. I still don’t. Here at the blog conference in Las Vegas there are a lot of speakers that talk about monetizing your readers and …

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Promote Your Blog On My Blog Right Now – Take VI

Wil Wheaton Shocker

Holy jumping Jesusfish! It’s been over four months since I let you promote your crappy blog on my crappy blog! And it’s time, like that ridiculous phoenix everyone talks about metaphorically (but nobody actually knows the story) and rise from …

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I Wear the Same Shirt on Every First Date

shirt I wear on dates

I miss writing. For the past month I’ve taken time off and haven’t made the blog a priority. It’s a bummer because I miss my regular commenters. I also miss sharing my daily life. Quite frankly, outside of doing a …

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Guest Post – Erin Go Bra-Less

During my vacation I’m publishing posts from some of my favorite s. Today is from a real quirky bitch –  Chrissy Woj of  Quirky Chrissy. Enjoy. — If there was a poster child for embarrassing tales, I should be it. …

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I Bought Good & Plentys Without Shame

dj and good & plentys

Okay, I just figured something out. When I cut some calories to try to lose a few pounds and also hit the gym every day, I just wind up exhausted. The funny drains out of my pores around mile three …

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