I Totally Got Gypped On My Date Tonight


I’m writing this from a date in progress. A ThoughtsFromParis first, as it were. A woman I’m seeing who requested that I don’t use her real name (it’s Helen) asked me over for dinner tonight. The first bloggable moment came …

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Moms are Supposed to Annoy Their Kids

pantaloons and meepers

Mothers are supposed to have at least one expression designed to send you into a frenzy of anger and frustration. It’s their job. Mine is the moment my mom walks through the door of my condo. Without exception, she mentions …

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That’s Cool Beans!

Cool Beans

Turns out my mom was wrong. Sure, there are moments when my condo resembles a dishelved hobo riding the rails, but mostly it’s close to tidy. Note I said “tidy” and not “clean.” I never dust and rarely sweep. If …

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How Not To Negotiate (if you’re a housekeeper)

french maid

One of the other things I’ve written about ad nauseum is my dirty condo. I’m just going to resign myself to the becomingand apparent fact that I’m just not going to become skilled at cleaning. I received a coldcall at …

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