Where Do You Waste Time? Vlog

I’m a time waster, and last night it reared it’s ugly head in the form of a video game.  Watch below and then cleanse yourself by telling my readers where YOU screw around.


8 thoughts on “Where Do You Waste Time? Vlog”

  1. PhillipaKiripatea says:

    My time waster since a couple weeks ago has been Jersey Shore! I had never watched an episode before, and one night it was on, so I thought I’d see what it was about. 8 episodes later at 2am I’m kicking myself for wasting all that time.

  2. Crack You Whip says:

    I waste my time getting speeding tickets, going to court fighting tickets and going to driving school. Sadly, this is true, I am only allowed to go to driving school twice a year…


  3. Sonja Rois says:

    OMG I obssess and waste time on a number of different things. Of course I have also been diagnosed with OCD. (Original diagnosis was Major, but through therapy I have been down-graded to Moderate.) I think it would scare me to find out exactly how much time I have wasted.

    I once sat for 2 days, witout sleep, organizing a crate full of hockey cards that got dumped over. I couldn’t stand that they were no longer in numerical order. When I was done I had 7 FULL sets and some odd ones. I do things like that all the time and still to this day. More recently it has been TV shows. Netflix instant play is killing my sleep schedule. I have been without TV of any kind for about the last year and missed a whole bunch of shows and HAVE to catch up. But I can’t just start one and watch a few episodes. I have to watch them ALL right now!!! In the mean time, the laundry is piling up, the counters are collecting dust and (from time to time) I actually forget to eat.

  4. CharlieDamonsing says:

    Yesterday I wasted time by working while keeping an eye on the Nadal vs Djokovic tennis match. The waste was that I did neither the work properly nor enjoyed the match!

  5. AmTooCool says:

    @PhillipaWirangi heyy can you please watch my new comedy episode, you will laugh!! >> http://t.co/WmZxQ6rV

  6. YoungmanBrown says:

    “I realized I have not touched my Wii in years… even though it is right in front of me.”

    Please tell me you planned that sentence.

    I waste my time reading what other people write instead of writing for myself. It has been especially tough with you and some other people posting every damn day in January.

    So thanks a lot.

  7. circustoybox says:

    I just went back to read all these blog posts from you I’ve missed since I had a huge pile of college schoolwork…and I am supposed to be studying for a midterm right now, and 2 essays…IT’S YOUR FAULT

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