To Be Sponsored or NOT to Be Sponsored?

Sponsored by Deez Nuts

I used to be wholly against the idea of sponsored posts.

When I was number one on Google for terms like “best blog” and “funny blogs” I was approached a lot by companies who wanted to sponsor my posts. Most were firms of ill repute and were  peddling dildos and other items of adult nature. But still, it was an offer of free money. The problem is that they all required me to do something ridiculous like put a link to their product in the ad, or write about a topic which featured their items, etc. Stuff that I don’t approve of. I have integrity, yo!

At one point I almost went for it and had this idea of having my cat and dog review each product. But I think that one-joke sketch would have gotten old pretty quickly. Like most SNL recurring characters.

Then Google spanked me and I lost my SEO high status. Since then I’ve had to build up my brand back from the beginning, reader by reader. Now, my traffic is higher than before and my social media presence is growing.

This is funny. I was chatting up this girl recently who I wanted to date. She asked me if I was a big deal on Twitter. I was just about to say, “Well, not really, but I do have 56k followers.” In short I wanted to brag. Then, she said, “The last guy I dated thought he was kind of a Twitter celebrity and I dumped him.” So, I kept my mouth shut.

Since I’m not a mommy or fashion blogger I’m not cornered by brands who want me to pimp their stuff. Pre-natal vitamin companies aren’t beating down my door to advertise on the site. Heavy flow tampons don’t want to be associated with a guy that once wrote, “Why can’t we just send them to the edge of the village for three days?” Other than the  occasional  penis-pump manufacturer, I don’t get a lot of corporate love. Which is a little ironic because most of my readers are women in that demographic. Well… not the penis pump demo. At least I don’t think so. God, I hope not.

But what if I did have people courting me (I actually do have a few now, surprisingly), who didn’t require me to write particular pieces of content? What if at the end of each post it had a “sponsored by Deez Nuts” or whatever company wanted to put their name at the end? Would that piss you off? Would you run the other way screaming? Would I have sold out?

Truth be told I’ve put a lot of money into this blog over the last two years. I am in NO way complaining, as I will continue to put money in whether I decide to go with sponsorship or not.

I’m asking you because I give a shit about your readership. Sure I’ll make up my own mind but I respect your opinion. Some people hate the idea that a sponsor has input over content. Mine wouldn’t, but perception might equal reality and I don’t want to lose any of you.

So, what’s the consensus? I can afford the bandwidth and hosting charges, so if nobody ever spends a dime (other than my lovely advertisers), I won’t be shedding any tears. Do you care if I start getting some sponsors?

And, also, while we’re at it, should I start trimming down my chest hair? I mean, I am dating and all.

Sponsored by Deez Nuts

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  1. For the love of all that is holy, PLEASE trim the chest hair! There’s nothing worse that snuggling a bear at night or getting “rugburn” during “happy hour!”

    On to your real question: I wouldn’t be offended at all. In fact, I think it’s awesome that you have people willing to pay you for some exposure. I know how to ignore something that I don’t want to click on/buy if it doesn’t pertain to me. I used to read your blog on a regular basis when I first started mine. You crack me up! Every time I see you pop up in my feed, I still think about your costumes from the convention you went to awhile back… However, I’ve become a horrible stalker lately. It’s not you, I promise. It’s totally me. I seem to have gotten caught up in this thing called “real life,” and it really takes away from my reading time. (But I still adore you with a fiery passion, I swear!)

  2. Be true to your chest hair! Don’t trim! There are women out that find chest hair sexy. Manscaping other areas is a whole different thing. In that case trim away. On the sponsor question I say as long as you stay true to you and don’t forget the little people that supported you before you were sponsored by the big money, then you should get paid for doing what you do so well.

  3. The odd sponsored post is fine. I do it too. Blogging is a tough gig and if you can make some $$ from all the time you put into it, no biggie. Readers who love you and are loyal to you generally don’t get their knickers in a twist over it, I’ve found.

    I say leave the chest hair. Sexy. Back hair is another story.

  4. I see nothing wrong with making money from your blog and as a reader I don’t mind it at all. As long as one maintains their integrity in accepting sponsors, I actually like it because it’s a recommendation from a trusted source. But that’s also the problem with sponsorships .. if one accepts companies who don’t match their ethics, then they risk ruining their reputation. As for chest hair … ask your girl. 🙂

  5. Do it – if you can get some money with this gig who am I to stop you. The sponsored post done well doesn’t feel sponsored at all. And keep the chest hair. Men without chest hair kind of weird me out.

  6. PLEASE do not trim the chest hair. It’s the best bit! About sponsors I wouldn’t mind at all if you put “sponsored by” at the end of blog posts. I WOULD mind posts about sponsored items, but as for what you describe, go for it.

  7. Yes and yes. The sponsors then the hair. However, I do get a little bored when people blog about something because they have to endorse it. That’s just no fun.

  8. You’re gross. And I think you should put your sponsors at the bottom. It’s so normal for a blog. Big blogs do it, so you can too (jk). Wait, how big are we talking? That pretend one you posted is GINORMOUS. I’ve looked at your sponsors on the side a few times, but nothing grabs my attention. Don’t write sponsored posts though unless you can make it really funny. Or if maybe you’re reviewing a product and have a giveaway with it. I’ve done that. I felt okay doing that (because I got free crap I liked and felt good about endorsing), but I wouldn’t write a sponsored post.

  9. There would be no offense to a sponsor. I’d be quite interested in seeing how you worked said sponsored penis pump into blog…oh wait, changed my mind on that one. At same time, why not?

    As for the chest hair trim, do it. Caveat, deal with the cheat hair only if back hair non-existent (or at a minimum) and manscaping under control. If those are not, you have other priorities.

  10. I’d say go for the sponsorship. It isn’t selling out if you don’t get all D-baggy and wrapped up in sponsors and ads and bullshit and forget what you’ve intended to do for your readers (which is make us all very very happy and entertained). As a fairly new reader, I love the blog, and I don’t see anything wrong with making a few extra bucks!

    As for the chest hair — I’d say go for a trim with an intricate tribal design/hair tattoo. It would make for an interesting conversation piece.

  11. Sponsored posts are fine in my humble opinion. Blogging can be tough and you have to try to make money at it somehow.

  12. I say go for it! Especially if they don’t care what you’re writing about. If it’s not going to change your content, we’ll keep coming back. We get flooded with ads all over Facebook, and it’s easy to just keep scrolling on by. If it’s not a sponsor I’m interested in, it’s not like I have to click the link or anything.

  13. Go for the trimming please, I personally don’t like eating hairs.
    Whether if you go for sponsoring or not it really doesn’t matter as long as you don’t try to persuade me to buy animal food when I don’t have any animals and, honestly, will never have any.
    Thank you.

  14. There is nothing wrong with taking sponsored posts. NOTHING. I read a ton of blogs with sponsored posts and they do not bother me one bit. Also, keep in mind FTC requires that all profit-generating content are labeled as such (i.e., Sponsored Post) so it makes it very easy to skip. Please do not be concerned. Besides, you’ve earned it. Collect the paycheck.

  15. I do some sponsored posts, but I have turned down more than I’ve accepted. Not because of ethics or morality, but because they didn’t offer enough money. It takes a lot to build rafts and blue velour shirts at thrift shops, so I’m not writing a post to hawk your imitation rabbit vibrators for $50. No siree, it’s gonna cost you at least $55 and possibly a store credit.

    I have a category and a tag labelled “Whoring” and I put in there that it’s a sponsored post. I think I have a disclaimer explaining everything, but it’s been a long time, so I could have dreamt that when I was high.

    As for the chest hair, use Nair or a small butane torch. Chicks dig scars.

  16. As long as you have some integrity with your products, and don’t start pimping out any- and every- thing just to get a little extra cash, I think you SHOULD accept sponsors. Blogging is a lot of time and effort, and if you’re serious enough about it, and good enough at it, why shouldn’t you get paid for that?

    As to the chest hair question — personally I prefer trimmed but not completely hairless. Groomed is good, waxing is weird. Your best bet, though, is probably to ask the opinion of whoever you’re dating… and then do that.

  17. I’m with Kristina. You should be able to bring on advertisers as long as you don’t find their products reprehensible.

    However, I’m good with the chest hair. Anything that’s natural to a man and not to a woman, I find appealing in a man. Chest hair, broad shoulders, other things…

  18. Manscaping: do it! Neatening things up a bit won’t scare away the man-hair revelers. Would you like your date to show up for a sexy encounter with stubbly legs and a grizzly bikini bear? If so…cool but I don’t think you’d be asking if that was your thing.

    Sponsored posts don’t bother me if the blogger sounds sincere about their endorsement.

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