“Stay”cations are Depressing

This was the silliest image of a dreaming vacation I could find.

So, my writing streak may be coming to an end.

I’m getting burned out on posting every day. It’s becoming harder and harder to bring the funny and vulnerable. I really thought I could go on forever. But with a weekly podcast, a best-of book, a new book, daily job, and now dating, I’m like a fanny – wiped. I believe this is my 402nd straight day of writing.

So, I’m thinking of taking a break – just a little vacation from writing.

Ooh – speaking of… isn’t it depressing that when someone says they’re going on vacation (I sometimes say “holiday” because I want to sound cool – but I need to face facts that it’s just plain douchey) and you ask them where they’re going and they say, “This will be a staycation!”

I’ve never taken a purposeful break from anything in my life. I have an issue where I kind of “all or nothing” it. My fear is that if I stop even for one day, I’ll stop forever. This is my insanity that keeps me going each night. Also, I feel I’ll be letting you down.

This, too, is nonsense since but nobody gives a shit about my streak other than me. Sure you appreciate my daily nonsense, but you’ll get along fine without my words every day. Your lives will be less fulfilling during that time, but that’s to be expected.

I haven’t yet fully committed to the blog vacation (ironically, also going to be a “staycation” since I’m working my day job) but I think it might be best for everyone. You deserve truly awesome posts and I might need some time alone to recharge the batteries.

Will keep you posted…


This was the silliest image of a dreaming vacation I could find.