Replay of Webinar – Finding Blog Content in Daily Life

dj paris webinar

A few days ago I hosted a webinar about how to find blog content in daily life. Over two hundred people attended and I presented for close to ninety minutes. This is everything I’ve learned about how to continue to creative process when blogging. If you’d like to watch the webinar simply click below.

In the webinar there are real time exercises where I promise you’ll be able to find twelve or more posts you didn’t know you had in you! So grab a pen and paper and enjoy!

dj paris webinar
just click here, yo

4 thoughts on “Replay of Webinar – Finding Blog Content in Daily Life”

  1. Kelly @ In the Mom Light Blog says:

    Thanks for keeping it available after the fact. Sorry to have missed it, but going to check it out now….

  2. Michelle says:

    You did great on the webinar, DJ!

  3. Reba says:

    I listened to the recording yesterday, and am so glad I did! I appreciate how you made the webinar interactive, and all the tips you provided for us blog-challenged folks to get ta writin’ too! I feel better equipped to push myself to blog more frequently.

    Thanks DJ!

  4. Cafe Pasadena says:

    I don’t have much trouble finding web content here where I live. The real problem is deciding what/when to blog about from my many choices! Especially since I don’t have time to blog everyday.

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