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top jimmy photo lab advantix
15 years old - not terrible

I’ve previously written about my time as a video and photo thief when I worked at Kroger in college.  This morning a fraternity brother, Jimmy, was going through a stack of old photos and found an Advantix package I had developed.

If you remembered Advantix the negatives always stayed in the canister, and you were just given it back after the development.  It also had kind of a cool case when you picked it up.  The big thing about Advantix was that you could do three sizes of photos.  Ultimately it failed after a few years and that media went the way of the disc film.

Just thought I’d share this with you, as I put this on a post-it and added it to Jimmy’s order.  It never  occurred  to me to give this to Jimmy publicly.  I also wrote all sorts of jokes over the package, but I’m sort of ashamed of what I wrote, so I’m only showing you this.

top jimmy photo lab advantix
15 years old - not terrible

Sgt. Stedanko is a Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke reference.

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