My First Date in Over a Year

Nervous Woman
I'm not anywhere as nervous as that broad. She looks NERVOUS. And a little nutty.

Tonight I’m going out on my first date in over a year.

Over Thanksgiving my girlfriend and I separated. We tried to make it work but it became obvious that it just wasn’t going to happen. This is a difficult thing, as is all breakups where the two people are in love. The major factor in this case was distance, I’m in Chicago and she’s in the south. She recently earned an insanely good job which basically prohibited her from moving up here. I’d rather live in Chicago and wasn’t quite willing to make the plunge to pack up my things and move. We had other issues as well, but that was the biggest one. Instead of continuing not to be able to give each other what we deserved, we’re moving on.

So, I joined an online dating site since I had never done that before.

This is quick, funny story. On day two of being online a woman who was a reader of mine contacted me via the dating system. She recognized my photo and we chatted. It was clear that we were not on the same page and we didn’t pursue an actual date. A few days later another reader found me the same way. I don’t know if I have the  loneliest fans online or if I’m just popular.

I know I’m not that popular.

Since I’d rather keep you as readers and not hating me when I turn into a jerk boyfriend, I think for now I’ll only date broads who don’t know me.

I reached out to a woman online because I saw something that really impressed me. She wrote that she didn’t need a man in her life to feel complete. This is one of the most healthy and impressive things I’ve heard a woman say. She said she wanted to share her life with someone, but they better be funny as she said she could bring it. Well, I can bring it. So I wrote her back.

Her being really attractive helped, too.

We’ve been talking over the past week and so far I haven’t scared her off.

I’ll be picking her up in just a little over an hour, and I almost never get nervous, but I actually am. I suspect this is natural. It’s funny – I interview people all day (it’s basically what I do) and it never occurs to me to get the least bit flustered. I’m the guy at the party who can walk up to anyone and shake their hand. I don’t need to be the center of attention but meeting strangers is no big deal.

However, I do have a little tiny amount of nervous energy.

I know the night will be fine and we’ve already decided that we’re going to be friends if the attraction doesn’t pan out. We’ll see what happens. She’s read the blog so she probably already knows I pee in sinks and love to go to Renaissance Faires. These are not attractive qualities in a man. But, I can only be me.

Wish me luck!

Nervous Woman
I’m not anywhere as nervous as that broad. She looks NERVOUS. And a little nutty.

photo credit: modenadude via photopin cc