Cecily Kellogg – Uppercase Woman – Bloggers are Weird Podcast

Cecily Kellogg – Uppercase Woman – Bloggers are Weird Podcast

The new episode of Bloggers are Weird is live! Cecily Kellogg from UppercaseWoman and  blogging legend sits down to talk with me about how she got started, how she deals with criticism, and what it’s like to put it all out there for the world to read.  You can listen…

  • Via  iTunes
  • Zune or Blackberry store (just search)
  • Via Android device – download your favorite podcast app and add the feed -> http://bloggersareweird.com/feed
  • Watch via YouTube below

Coming up next week – I’ll be reading something dumb I did sometime that involved stuff.

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  1. Have not figured out how to use twitter yet. But you are to cute! And funny! I enjoy reading your tweats

  2. D.J., this was great! This was the first podcast I’d been able to listen to all the way through and I’m so glad I did. I loved it! Cecily is fascinating! Really enjoyed it and felt like I learned a lot about the blogging world. Great job!

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