Let’s Make Fun of Canada!

canada milk comes in bags

Going to keep this one short, because I need YOUR help.

I pitched an idea to a Canadian publication completely joking around about how I’d like to write a piece for their readers (online they get about 20k a day) called “Why Americans Make Fun of Canadians.”

I fully expected an “F-you!” back from them, as they are not a humor publication.  In fact, they focus on fashion.

Instead, the publisher loved it.  We’re on.

The two camps are working out the details right now, and I’ll keep their name under wraps until her team gives me the green light (or whatever stripey color they must certainly use in their stoplights).

In return, they are going to do an opposing piece, “Why Canadians Make Fun of Americans.”


Many of you are pretty funny.  Not funny like me.  But decent.

What should I include in my list of things to spank the collective fannies of our sisters to the north?  (to me they’re all sisters)

canada milk comes in bags