Larry The Cable Guy Follows Me

I was in the bathroom using my phone as an escape from time with my own thoughts, and I had a thought.  Do any famous people follow me?

There are only two types of famous people that follow you on Twitter.  Famous people that follow everyone that follows them (which is rare), and famous people that actually follow you for some weird reason.

There’s a great tool called FriendOrFollow  that will help you determine if you have any famous followers.

Now, with 13k followers, it’s not like I’m going to go through each one and determine their level of fame.  You can, however, sort by “verified” accounts.  These are accounts that for some reason Twitter deems important.  Usually celebrities who Twitter has determined are the real McCoy and not fake impersonation accounts.

So, currently the only two famous people that I can find that follow me are Fran Drescher and Larry the Cable Guy.

larry the cable guy

What’s most interesting is that I follow neither of them.  Fran’s is more suspect – she has around 111k followers and follows 23k.  This probably means she started out following a ton of people, and then stopped as her Twitter account began to grow.  So, I’m not counting her as a real ThoughtsFromParis follower.  Although if she is, I’m a huge fan.  Her role in The is Spinal Tap is brilliant.

Larry the Cable Guy is a puzzling Twitter situation.  Again, I am not a follower, but he follows me.  His stats are thus – 125k followers, and only follows 1k.  So, out of the 1k he follows, I’m in that group.  Is he a fan?  Did he follow me by mistake?  Does he appreciate my white collar comedy?

I would assume he doesn’t read my stuff and that it’s some weird mistake.  Not that I wouldn’t be super flattered if he is a fan.  Hell, I’d quit my job right now to write jokes for him.  He’s currently the most successful comedian in the country, I believe.  I don’t know much about redneck stuff, but I’d learn.  You know, trailers and meth and bad mustaches.  I can dig it.

Just in case he’s reading, I’d like to audition to be on his crew.  Now, I just have to come up with a blue-collar premise…  Ahem…

“You know your kin can sometimes be an embarrassment?  My grandma was heading to the store and I asked her to pick me up some Redman.  Well, wouldn’t you dang blasted believe that granny came back with a real live Indian.  I was like, “Damn, grandma, I wanted some tobacco not a Tomohawko!”

Not my finest writing.  But not my worst!  (okay, it’s pretty much my worst)