Help Me Complete My Workout Playlist!

I have a wedding coming up in a few months.  Since I am at my fattest, it’s time to slim down.  I really have no excuse since I live two and half blocks from my gym.  It’s time to get down and get healthy.

I need your help.  What songs should I power squat to?

I’ll be running, lifting weights, and not eating McDonald’s.

Here’s the playlist I have so far…

Okay ThoughtsFromParis readers, let’s hear your suggestions!

21 thoughts on “Help Me Complete My Workout Playlist!”

  1. vwada says:

    Hello! What about our dance lessons?!!

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      @vwada I can’t wait – we’ll call it “Asian Teaches Honky to Get Down”

  2. Jesse3581 says:

    Um … EYE OF THE TIGER! Helllloooo

  3. fergusonsarah says:

    Nice sharing..I really appreciate it..

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      @M Salon Chicago I am – and thanks.

  4. jennapooh1971 says:

    Dancing Queen – ABBA

    Shake It Off – FLorence + the Machine

    Say Hey – Michael Franti + the Spearheads

    Rox in the Box – The Decemberists

    Romeo & Juliet – Dire Straits

    Devil Inside – INXS

    Now go, my child, and be one with the fitness!

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      @jennapooh1971 Sadly, and this is no joke, I actually have “Devil Inside” on my iPhone. It’s actually kind of a harder song with super dark lyrics. But, yes, it’s also INXS which sucks by default.

      1. jennapooh1971 says:

        It seems like there was some time in my life when INXS was cool, I just can’t quite put my finger on when. I can’t speak as to why they aren’t cool now, either. They just sit on my passport, unlistened to and therefore unloved. Poor sad INXS.

  5. Jessica_thereader says:

    I think you definitely need a shout to my neighbors’ NYE party soundtrack, so include “Bootylicious” and “Love on Top” both by Beyon?e. then round it out with “Toxic” by Britney Spears. Those should keep your booty shakin’…and you can wear that mesh tank top you got for Christmas. Double WIN!

  6. atvelasquez3 says:

    Bizarre Love Triangle – New Order

    Momma Said knock you out – LL Cool J

    I need you tonight – INXS

    Hope these help 🙂

  7. WhitneyLeeCondie says:

    Definitely “How do you like me now” by The Heavy.

    I dare you not to love it

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      @WhitneyLeeCondie I’m way burned out on that song – but I suddenly have an urge to buy a Kia Sorento. Not sure why.

  8. dyslexicwhisper says: Here, you can barrow from my list. You’ll be happy to know Styx did not make this list. lol

    1. dyslexicwhisper says:

      *borrow lol

    2. D.J. Paris says:

      @dyslexicwhisper  I trust that nobody assumed my list was real. Running to “Only Women Bleed” would not get me past 3/10ths of a mile.

  9. AmbahInvasion says:

    What about “My Body” by Young the Giant?

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      @AmbahInvasion  I’m haven’t even looked that up, but it sounds gay.

  10. D.J. Paris says:

    @atvelasquez3  INXS – hilarious.

  11. D.J. Paris says:

    @Jesse3581  I masturbate to that.

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