Bloggers are Weird Podcast – First Episode Live!

I am very excited and proud to announce the first episode of my podcast Bloggers are Weird has been released!

The idea is simple – I wanted to give bloggers a chance to read a favorite story of theirs live. This is a plus for their readers who want to hear them speak and for future readers to get  acquainted with the author. I will act as host asking them questions about their blog, style, and process. I picked up some advertisers to boot and learned how to engineer the bastard!

For the first episode I chose Elizabeth from FlourishinProgress. She is great and does not disappoint. I don’t want to say anything more except my parents listened to her last night and nearly fell over. And they’re in their sixties for darn’s sake.

My plan is  to do one podcast a week. Now, it’s a ton of work, so we’ll see if that can be maintained. Remember I work a full-time job and write each night on top of it. Thankfully I don’t have a wife or kids to slow me down (I sold them all at an auction in the Philippines last April). Every other week I’ll be the guest and read my own crap.

These will be short. We all have stuff to do and long podcasts are boring. Okay, enough yappin’ – how do I listen to this comedy gold?

Several ways!

  1. If you’re an Apple freak and use a MacBook, iPad, iPod, or iPhone, you can download the podcast here (this will redirect you into iTunes).
  2. For Android or non iTunes users download a podcast app of your choice, click “add feed” and provide this link ->
  3. I’ve got it a million other places online – you’ll find it. If not, ping me.

If you’re an iTunes user please consider leaving a review. This helps other people to find it and boosts my self-esteem which we all know is not exactly high. Also, please pass this around to anyone you think would enjoy it.

Lastly, for the super lazy, I’ve even ported the podcast over to YouTube. Feel free to watch it below, but also considering downloading the podcast and leaving a review. Thanks!

I wish I had a big group to thank but I did the whole damned thing myself. So, congrats to… Me!

P.S. I have a sponsor on the show Please check out their program and buy it – Money back guarantee if it doesn’t work and you help support the show!