Santa Fe With Mom – In Photos – Part II

As you may have read in my last post, these reports are about my vacation here in Santa Fe with my mom.

To recap my last entry, I had a super great time in Taos with a llama.   It’s weird to have an animal who is near my height that will walk with you and carry your stuff.     They’re even a little bashful – when they have to go to the bathroom, they leave the trail and go off to the side!   Just like me! READ MORE

Santa Fe With Mom – In Photos – Part I

Since I’ve been so busy here in Santa Fe, I don’t really have time to write much.

It’s been a constant intake of green chiles.   They put chiles in everything, which, to me, is most appreciated.

I’m a little bummed because I can’t think of one funny thing to write in this post.   So, think of this article as the last season of Seinfeld – it just isn’t going to make you laugh. READ MORE

DoubleBack – This Week in TFP – 8/28/11 – 9/4/11

I’m glad to say for the first time in the history of this website, I have completed my first full week of posts.

My intention was always to publish something every few days, and I’m thankful that my readership keeps increasing.

In fact, just yesterday Google had my blog ranked around position twelve for the search keywords “blog funny” and “funny blog.” READ MORE

I Do Something Awful During Phone Calls – A Confession

We all know at least one person that is a   “people pleaser.”   This is someone that puts all other people’s needs in front of their own, often sacrificing their happiness.

They have learned early on, “If everyone is happy, then I will be happy, too.” READ MORE

Last Night I Slept Backward AND Diagonal

I have never been camping.   I remember when I met the woman who would eventually become my wife (and subsequently my ex–wife),   and she asked me about camping.

I spent a good three minutes on goofing on camping basically suggesting if I want to sleep terribly,   I would go back to house I lived in college called “Dazed Inn – The House Everyone is Toking About.”  We even had a sign on the front and everything. Two bathrooms and four bedrooms and eight guys.     That’s like camping.     Actually, worse because at least outdoors there’s a chance of rain to wash away the stink. READ MORE

My Editor Hurt My Feelings (Not Really)

Paris Club

Last night both my mom and sister were in town,   and we went to dinner.     There's this really trendy new restaurant called Paris Club,   and my mom had just been there and wanted to go again.

What I found sort of funny is that there were three Paris's at Paris Club.   Okay, that's really more cute that funny.  What WAS funny is that it didn't even occur to me that our last name was the restaurant's name. READ MORE

The Right Side Of My Bed Smells Like Cat Pee

I wish that title hadn’t been written by me.     I also wish it weren’t true.

My cat, Pantaloons, is a really awesome pet.   The day I brought her home from the shelter she didn’t show the slightest bit of fear approaching the dog.   She’s never once hissed, and her favorite thing to do is sit on your chest and lick your nose. READ MORE

I Need A Wake–Up Call, Literally

I have come to a sad and shameful realization.     For some reason over the past few weeks,   for perhaps the first time in my life…

I am not waking up on time.

Here’s my routine.     I arise at 6am,    shower, and slip into a t–shirt and shorts.     I jump on my bicycle, strap the dog to my back and ride downtown. READ MORE

How I Would Improve Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Recently I have become friends with a producer over at E!, one of the six channels I regularly watch.   I understand this is not something that will increase my masculinity cred, but screw it.   I do love The Soup, and anything Joan Rivers does is genius in my book. READ MORE