Promote Your Blog On My Blog Right Now – Take VI

Wil Wheaton Shocker

Holy jumping Jesusfish! It’s been over four months since I let you promote your crappy blog on my crappy blog!

And it’s time, like that ridiculous phoenix everyone talks about metaphorically (but nobody actually knows the story) and rise from the ashes.

Today, and for the next twenty-four hours, you get to pimp out your blog in the comment section of my blog. Get some new followers! Increase your internet exposure. Make friends with other bloggers!

Wait… not so fast, Turbo.

You gotta earn the free plug.

In the past I’ve made you write me poetry or reveal something embarrassing about you that nobody else knows. Let’s do something equally awesome.

In order to promote your blog, this time you must tell me something embarrassing about your father.

Maybe he farts in front of your friends. Calls your best friend Brent when it’s really Brett. Only tips out at 10%. Runs around the house in his underwear, and they’re not boxer briefs but tight whites.

My most popular story is the one where I saw my father’s donger as an adult. I’ve already done my work. Now do yours.

This is a great way to kick off Father’s Day next month. Or not a great way. I don’t know. Don’t really care.

So remember, start the comment with… My father is embarrassing because he  ______________.
Then put your blog underneath and tell us what it’s all about!

Special thanks to oSex co-host Karen who came up with this concept. Watch our latest episode!

Wil Wheaton Shocker

We always use a Wil Wheaton photo to do these posts. This one is inappropriate.

photo credit: WilWheaton via photopin cc

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  1. Dana Paris

    DJ… No more embarrassing stories of Dad, it is 2 years later and I am just recovering from the dad penis story… Love Danau

  2. Eleanorjane

    My father is embarrassing ‘cos he’s such a douche I just go quiet when people start talking about their families. I can win any ‘complain about the parents’ session hands down.

    Happily my blog is much cheerier… Travel, style and things that make you go hmm…

  3. Jess

    I know I’m late to the game here but I fucking win. Here goes…

    My father is embarrassing because at 71 years old, still married to my mother, he moved out and has moved into his new home a never ending parade of 20-something Dominican and Puerto Rican women because “they like old men”. Some of them have become violent when he won’t buy them cars, jewelry, fur, apartments. One destroyed the interior of his car WITH HER BARE HANDS.

    He thinks this is fun. He thinks this is how “young people date”. He thinks this is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him and he flaunts these little girls in front of my poor mother. But wait, there’s more…

    My father is totally into the sexy time and all he wants to talk about with us, his adult kids, is about how great it is to go down on a woman and how these young girls love giving blow jobs. He tries to talk to my roommate about anal sex so he can learn how to do it to one of his women (I use the term women loosely, one was on 19 years old).

    I hardly speak to my father anymore because I can’t have these conversations with him. I need my Daddy, not a perverted old man. I’ve recently been diagnosed as bi-polar, I’m going through the most difficult time in my life and my father only wants to talk about how big Viagra can make his dick.

    My blog is http://compulsiveincompetence.blogspot.com/ and is it any wonder I have a mood disorder as my doctor likes to put it.

  4. Jessica Murray

    My dad is embarrassing, because when he gets all doped up on his meds for his back he tends to ramble and ask the same question at least three times while eating a bowl of cereal at midnight. Then he suddenly spills the teensiest drop of milk on the hardwood floor. He proceeds to get a bottle of Tuff Stuff, a scrubbing brush, and a rag where he sprays, scrubs, and wipes that drop meticulously. And just when you think he couldn’t possibly be anymore insane, he claims to have no recollection of this the following morning. And as you’re telling him the story you realize he’s looking at you the exact same way you were looking at him while this event took place. For fuck sake, DAD, get it together!

    I publicly talk to myself here http://mrsjmur.com among other places.
    I share too many pictures of things no one would give a crap about. I also probably talk about things that would annoy you and make your mother tell you to run. Come get nosy in my life :)

  5. Anna

    Back in the early 90s when MC Hammer was all the rage, I made my mum buy me a pair of extra large, extra baggy ‘Hammer Pants’ (because, you know, extra baggy = extra cool) After wearing them a total of of zero times, my dad took it upon himself to add it to his wardrobe. Waste not want not and all that.

    He would wear them just about every time he picked me up from school, resulting in the other kids yelling out ‘STOP! Hammer Time!’ to me in the hallways at school. I bought it on myself I suppose.

    Anyway, I have a food blog: http://www.easymodernasian.com. Check it out, try the recipes, follow @EasyModernAsian on twitter.

    That is all.

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