I’m Going to Impress You With a Big Word


Share on Share on I always wanted to write a piece where I used the word “precipice.” Just wanted to say that. Great opener, yes? Let’s move on. We all need a council of people that will tell …

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My First Bidet – #LetsTalkBums

My First Bidet -#LetsTalkBums

Share on Share on Cottonelle asked me to write about my first bidet experience – I told them to screw off because D.J. only does bidet humor on video! Seriously, and they’re not paying me to say this …

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Proud to be a Man of BlogHer

dj jen leslie

Share on Share on As I drove home from night two of BlogHer I started to cry. I was lucky this year. BlogHer, the largest blogging conference in the country, was hosted in my hometown of Chicago. This …

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Puns are Funs

thorny issue

Share on Share on When I’m on vacation with my family my immaturity reaches an all time high. I revert back into childhood and jewriting becomes a way to see how many puns I can funnel into a …

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