Is My Height Worth Fighting Over?

man lunge

I almost got into fisticuffs with someone the other day regarding my height. Okay, fisticuffs are an exaggeration. I haven’t ever participated in a true, punch-throwing fight. Once in my youth I jumped on top of a guy who was trying …

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Manifest My Desires, Universe! Chop Chop!


I’m trying my hand at this manifesting thing. I’ve been into New Agey crap for twenty years. Most of it is BS but I’ve always found spiritual practices entertaining. Back when I was nineteen I was introduced to the idea …

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I Sometimes Publish Crap – A Confession


Years ago I used to bother celebrities on and write about the interactions. I called it CelebTweets. After a few posts went live a television producer contacted me with an idea. If I wrote fifty of these she …

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The Squatty Potty and Turning Pro

do your work

I don’t think I’ve ever written about a product that inspired me. Well, I’ve tweeted about the Squatty Potty. It’s changing my life. Hands down, the best $25 I’ve spent. Actually, I didn’t spend the money. I asked my girlfriend …

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I’ve Never Written a Song – A Confession


I’ve been playing guitar for over twenty-five years and have never written a complete song. Not for lack of trying. I bet I’ve put than a thousand hours into jamming with myself with the sole intention of writing an …

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