Manifest My Desires, Universe! Chop Chop!

I put a picture of a woman's abs because the ones of dudes made me feel uncomfortable...

I’m trying my hand at this manifesting thing.

I’ve been into New Agey crap for twenty years. Most of it is BS but I’ve always found spiritual practices entertaining. Back when I was nineteen I was introduced to the idea of chakras. Whether they’re real or not (probably not) I can still feel all seven of them simply by putting my attention on those areas of the body. Which to me, if they’re not real, is even more amazing. That the mind is so powerful that one can create feelings in certain spots of  one’s physical being.

For years I’ve read about the Law of Attraction which has been popular ever since  The Secret hit. This was a best-selling book that millions embraced because it introduced the idea of daydreaming. Yes, you can have what you want by merely thinking of it! Of course, the real world doesn’t work that way. You need to bust your ass to get what you want.

Or do you?

I’m currently reading a book on manifesting. I won’t mention the name, but all these types of books are pretty much the same. They claim there’s a force in the universe that, when you align yourself with, will bring into reality that which you desire.

The easiest way to defeat this philosophy is to think of all the starving people in the world. Maybe they just didn’t think about food hard enough! Clearly nonsense. However…

What if it is possible to attract certain things just by thinking about them?

In this book you’re supposed to put your attention on what you want (the author said to pick something small that you believe is possible but unlikely to happen) and give it a due date of forty-eight hours. You’re to literally command the universe to produce your wish within two days.

I like bossing things around so I figured I’d give it a try. Nothing to lose really.

I won’t mention what I’m attempting to manifest but it is objectively verifiable. In two days I’ll either have this thing or not. One of the points of manifesting, the author states, is that you have to believe that receiving the item is possible. I’m putting aside all logic and reason and changing my belief system for the next few days.

In my experience to bring something into the world requires hard work and discipline.

But then again, I have also had unusual circumstances where things I wanted just showed up.

In an earlier exercise from the book I attempted to manifest that a brand would contact me to do a promotion. Brands rarely reach out to me – it’s not a common occurrence. Two brands tweeted out to me within the next day. Weird. But could also be coincidental.

The worst thing that could happen with this exercise is that I don’t end up with what I didn’t have anyway. Should that occur, I’ll get back to my normal way of manifesting. Putting my head down and working diligently for a long period of time.

But if it does work I’m going to milk this manifesting thing for all I can get. Riches, fame, fortune? Already on the list.

Also, if the universe was really cool it would hook me up with chiseled abs without me having to do any sit-ups.


I put a picture of a woman’s abs because the ones of dudes made me feel uncomfortable…

photo credit: Malingering via photopin cc