Bloggers Are Weird Podcast – Suzy Soro

June 10, 2014

Hey, reader! Yeah you! Subscribe to my crap! Thanks for visiting, yo!Today I spoke with road comic Suzy Soro about her start in the humor business, why she quit blogging, getting a book deal via Twitter, and why she cried with Angelina Jolie. Via iTunes Via the official ThoughtsFromParis app for Apple or Android devices! Watch via YouTube below (if you’re using […]

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It Turns Out I Sleep Bad – Part I

June 5, 2014

For as long as I can remember I’ve been exhausted. I started taking naps my last year of college. I was studying meditation and self-hypnosis and would put myself in a deep trance following whatever instructions the new-agey book I was reading at the time suggested. Now, many years later, I realize that what I […]

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Linda Roy – ElleroyWasHere – LeftyPop – Bloggers Are Weird Podcast

June 3, 2014

We’re back with author and blogger Linda Roy of ElleroyWasHere and LeftyPop to talk about how to get noticed online and why she got poked by a dead person on Facebook. Via iTunes Via the official ThoughtsFromParis app for Apple or Android devices! Via Android device – download your favorite podcast app and add the feed -> Visit the official Bloggers are Weird website […]

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BlogHer 2014 Contest – Win a Free Full Conference Ticket Plus Pathfinder Day!

May 20, 2014

Would you like to go to BlogHer in San Jose this summer spending three days and nights partying your ass off? Oh, also you’ll learn how to write better, become more effective at social media, and connect with some truly amazing bloggers that will develop into deep friendships! Well, normally I’d say, “Screw you all, […]

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I’m Going to Have To Give Up The Cat

March 17, 2014

I recently came to terms that I’m going to have to give up my cat Pantaloons. My girlfriend is allergic. She’s a good sport when she visits and takes a Benadryl which clears up her symptoms. But how long am I going to make her pop meds to be comfortable? We’re only six months into […]

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Someone Flipped Me The Bird!

March 4, 2014

Had an amazing experience on the subway yesterday. Well, in Chicago we don’t call it the subway. It’s the “el” which is short for “elevated train” because it does, in fact, go above ground. The trains also go below ground, too. I’m sticking with “subway,” although this incident technically happened at an elevated structure. It wasn’t […]

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Back from a Real Vacation and a Three Week Writing Vacation

February 26, 2014

It’s been three weeks since I wrote anything. Well, this is not entirely true. I did post a story last week about how it was discovered that my girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend is now seriously dating a woman I used to see ten years prior. You may have to read that twice. There isn’t an easier way […]

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100k Twitter Followers and Caffeine Addiction

January 28, 2014

I crossed over 100k Twitter followers today. Yes, it’s a not-so-subtle brag. But, screw it.  I’m taking a victory lap. The victory lap equates to a night of eating pizza until passout. Before the carbs and fat sink my consciousness I’m going to attempt to eek out this post. I’m not proud here, but I’m […]

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I Have a Big Brag to Announce About My Greatness

January 27, 2014

I’ve been busy over the past two days. First I released a new version of my Apple and Android app which include push notifications. Yes, you now get a popup whenever I write something new. Does my narcissism know no bounds? Also I launched a Twitter web app which pokes around through your followers to […]

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ThoughtsFromParis Apple and Android App Updated!

January 26, 2014

There is a new version of the ThoughtsFromParis mobile app now available for Apple and Android users. The biggest update is that you can now receive push notifications when a new post goes live. To download for Apple iOS click here To download for Android click here Note – if you already had an older […]

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January 25, 2014

Celebrities. They’re just better than the rest of us. Okay, well, maybe that’s not true. But most of us are starstruck, at least a little. I think we all  have someone who, if we met them in person, would render us speechless. If we’re on Twitter the pinnacle of stardom is to become “verified.” That […]

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