I Reviewed a Microscope for Broads at InThePowderRoom

nerds smiling in science class

Science class was always difficult for me. Throughout my schooling I struggled to earn a decent grade in science. As an adult loing back I realized that most of my education consisted of being taught facts that I attempted to memorize …

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I Reviewed Bic For Her Pens on InThePowderRoom

D.J. Paris Bic For Her In the Powder Room

Sometimes I have to let an idea incubate. Every month I pen a short piece for InThePowderRoom, probably the greatest humor blog on the web. Or, accurately, the greatest humor blog on the web that has asked me to …

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I Reviewed the F-Cup Cookie on InThePowderRoom

f cup cookie

Once in a while I make a good life decision. Recently, I worked out an exclusive content agreement with bed humor site InThePowderRoom. This means I write fresh stuff for them every month. My dead for this month’s article is …

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I Puked All Over Myself While Paddleboarding

dj wearing samsung gear vr

Throwing up while sober is unpleasant than while drunk. I’ve vomited maybe three times in the past dozen years, all from a flu or stomach ache. But back when I was drinking, puking after a binge was expected (and often welcomed). I …

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Is My Height Worth Fighting Over?

man lunge

I almost got into fisticuffs with someone the other day regarding my height. Okay, fisticuffs are an exaggeration. I haven’t ever participated in a true, punch-throwing fight. Once in my youth I jumped on top of a guy who was trying …

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