Where Are The Posts?

DongDong kicks butt.

I would like to apologize for my truancy.

Not that I’m so narcissistic to believe that you live, die, and breathe my words like oxygen. I hope you don’t. But if you do, you just may make it into the Paris will. Anyshit, I haven’t been updating the blog as much as usual. There’s a few reasons why…

First, I’ve been diligently working on the official ThoughtsFromParis mobile application. This means you no longer have to visit this site directly from your phone’s browser. I do have a really easy to read mobile site, but I wanted to create something a little more fun. Shortly Android and iPhone users will be able to download from their respective app stores.

I’d also like to formally announce that I’m removing all ads from the app and that it will be free. Initially I thought there would be banner ads to help recoup some of the costs associated with building and submitting the software. But then I realized we all hate apps with banner ads. So, I got rid of it.

The app is being built more as an exciting thank you for reading and supporting this blog. What started out as a little website has grown thanks to your readership. Much of my life has changed due to the engagement I receive from your comments. I’ve connected with thousands of people and developed (and continue to develop) strong friendships. I’m taking a risk that a mobile app will actually make getting to my posts easier (or at least add more options). I could be wrong. Either way, it’s a fun thing to build.

Second, I’ve been busy working on a partnership with a media company. While I don’t have all the details yet, there’s a very strong chance I’ll be making an exciting announcement within the next few weeks. I couldn’t be more flattered that this firm is interested in working with me, and I may be the first blogger they’re supporting. Of course, this could all go to pot, too. I hope not, but you never know with these things. Nothing will change content-wise. They want me to keep being me.

Now that I’ve spewed out my reasons for being absent, I would like to restore some additional balance to my life. Which means writing more.

The great Karen and I are working on oSex episode four. That should be fun and we’ve got all sorts of sicko and non-sicko questions to answer. I also set up a lot of great interviews for the Bloggers are Weird podcast and I appreciate you supporting both of these efforts.

While I haven’t been very active here, I continue to tweet and Facebook post quite a bit. Without tooting my own horn too much, I’m pretty damned good at it. If you’re not following me, I’d love it if you would consider. Selfishly, I dig when someone bests one of my jokes. I’m constantly amazed at your responses to my jokes and am secretly jealous when you come up with something better.

Oh, my app developer’s name is DongDong, which is nothing short of excellent.

Last (or is it “lastly”?), you may have noticed a little box at the top of this post (regular readers probably won’t see it) where I encourage you to subscribe to my posts via email. Once again, just another way to access my content.

Thanks again for the support and I’ll be back soon.

DongDong kicks butt.