ThoughtsFromParis Android App is Now Live!

ThoughtsFromParis App

ThoughtsFromParis App
I was going to wait until both versions went live, but screw it.

I’m very proud to announce that the official ThoughtsFromParis app is now available for free in Google Play. You can download it here!  If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, it will be live by next Tuesday in the Apple App Store. For now, though, Android users can start right away.

This was a total labor of love. It actually goes back a few years when I was #1 on Google for terms like “best blog” and “funny blogs.” An app company reached out to me to ask if they could build me my own application. There were no strings attached – they thought I was a much bigger deal than I was and they wanted this to be in their portfolio. I agreed, and then it fell apart. They must have noticed that, despite being highly ranked on Google, I wasn’t exactly getting the traffic of Dooce or TheBloggess.

I’ve always tried to evolve this website. At first it was just stories of silly things that have happened. Then I ran out of stories and started talking about my feelings. Later I added videos to the mix and then a podcast. While I’ll probably always be strongest at writing, I love the idea of trying new creative outlets.

I have never been completely satisfied with my blog as being the repository for locating all of my content. I’ve got headings in the navigation bar to my podcast and my videos, but it’s not very clean. I wanted to make something that was easy to use that would aggregate all of my stuff. The app seemed like the best vehicle.

My developer and I have worked hard to create version one. It’s not perfect and not glossy, but it does work.

I have one more feature that I’m bidding out right now which would really take the functionality to the next level. I’ll keep you in the loop, and obviously if you’ve already downloaded this version, it will be made available as a free update.

Thank you for continuing to read, watch and listen. Now, go download the app so you can see my face on your screen way more often than is healthy.

Here’s a video I made (I know – super nerdy) that shows the Android functionality.

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