Site is F’d

For some reason unbeknownst to me the site went down tonight.  Worse yet I was restoring a backup (which is done nightly in case something like this happens), and I accidentally restored a backup from mid-June.

No big deal except as soon as I did that restore, my system just happened to do it’s nightly backup.

In other words, I did a backup of my June 15th backup, which overwrote my backup from yesterday.

Thankfully, due to the magic of RSS, I have all my old content.  But, I lost all images for posts done from 6/15 through 7/31.  I’ll find them, but they’re gone for now.

If you have a site, I highly recommend getting a professional backup service.  I have a manual service to save a few bucks a month and I just sort of screwed myself.

It’s not the end of the world, but it sucks.

Thanks for your patience, and I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully.


UPDATE – Almost all content has been restored.  Comments may have been lost – which sucks because that means hundreds of them are gone.  Going to keep working on it.

If anyone would like to send me a giant hug or fruit basket with kiwis and plantains, that would be awesome.

21 thoughts on “Site is F’d”

  1. janedukey says:

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  2. pdk117 says:

    All I can say are two things to that that story. 1. You made you dad proud so be happy. 2. Thhank you for not tucking in your shirt.

    1. D.J. Paris says:

       @pdk117  Tucking in a shirt is not deserving of a photo.  Just ridicule.

  3. AngusMcMahan says:

    Decoding the language of our parents is a lifetime activity. Great column!

    1. D.J. Paris says:

       @AngusMcMahan  Thanks!  Also, please continue to correct my syntax and grammar.  It needs it.

  4. Craziness Abounds says:

    Isn’t it funny how the little things seem to mean the world to parents? I say that as a parent also.

    1. D.J. Paris says:

       @Craziness Abounds  That’s a relief.  Big things are super hard.

  5. D.J. Paris says:

    @tyliag Thanks – I was especially proud of that one.

  6. andreabt1970 says:

     @tfpHumorBlog  Don’t disregard the possibility that part of what he enjoyed was the “togetherness”.  

    1. D.J. Paris says:

       @andreabt1970    @tfpHumorBlog  Yeah, he’s sort of lame that way.  🙂

  7. Juststuff3 says:

    It was likely not the actual car wash but the fact that you spent some time together…whatever you do….don’t get up at 5am and do it for him…it won’t mean as much to him!

    1. D.J. Paris says:

       @Juststuff3  Oh, I wouldn’t.  I’m way too goddamn lazy.

  8. Juststuff3 says:

    Love that you take the time to read thecomments and actually answer them….don’t feel like I’m just ‘ another follower’ – thanks!!!

    1. D.J. Paris says:

       @Juststuff3  This is an automated follow up response.  Thank you for reading [insert name].

  9. mmrtnt says:

    I’ve done something <a href=”″>similar.</a>
    You have my sympathy.

  10. Craziness Abounds says:

    That sucks! Sorry I haven’t been around lately. Been editing my third books and my eyes are giving me crap. Hope you get everything back the way you wanted and here’s a giant hug. I would send fruit but I ate it all for you. That’s how great of a friend I am!

  11. Nicole Mojan says:

    OUCH. If it’s any consolation*, I read your suggested donation as “lewd basket with kiwis and plantains,” so expect some tawdry tropical fruits coming your way soon.
    *I don’t know what consolation means.

  12. D.J. Paris says:

    @Nicole Mojan  GREAT comment. Site is all fixed now. Good thing I’m responding to this three months later.

  13. D.J. Paris says:

    @Craziness Abounds  You are a great friend! A great blind friend!

  14. D.J. Paris says:

    @mmrtnt  Thanks- is all good now!

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