Ready for BlogHops On Steroids? Meet Triberr

Tonight I was going to host the first official ThoughtsFromParis BlogHop where you could share your blog posts with my readers. And something wasn’t sitting right with me. I’ve done versions of this before, and quite frankly, it hasn’t really worked all that well. I didn’t want to promote a BlogHop and have it not benefit anyone. So I ditched it.

Almost immediately after abandoning the BlogHop something clicked and I realized that the best solution was a service I’ve been using for years.

I love introducing my audience to other people’s writing. There are a ton of bloggers who you need to be reading, but you probably don’t know exist.

Enter Triberr.

I created a tribe called BlogHops on Steroids. Triberr has the single best model of sharing content I’ve found on the web. You can apply to join my tribe and then you’ll have the ability for your posts to be shared via other members’ social media outlets. Also, you can present other tribe members’ writing to your audience.

Bottom line – if you want more readers and you have great content, this works. Highest possible recommendation.

Come join BlogHops on Steroids – only awesome bloggers need apply.