On Vacation! (Probably)

Jacuzzi Dude
This guy's facial expression (and facial hair) are alarming.

Since I started this blog, I’ve written over 269k words. 90% of that came last year when I didn’t miss a day of posting. I followed that through to this year and made it day 403 without a miss. And I just about collapsed creatively.

It’s time to recharge the batteries. This will give me the time needed to do some fun things like finish my best-of book, focus on the podcast (which is going strong), and learn how to throw knives at that rotating circular thing with the hot chick in a scantily clad outfit as she twirls around.

I appreciate your patience and loyal readership. It means more to me than I can express.

Now, please excuse me while I sit back with a virgin pina colada and get caught up on Dr. Who.

Cheers and Best Regards,


P.S. Postscripts are fun!

Jacuzzi Dude
This guy’s facial expression (and facial hair) are alarming. Also, I think something is happening in the water.

photo credit: cobalt123 via photopin cc