famous followers

Celebrities. They’re just better than the rest of us.

Okay, well, maybe that’s not true. But most of us are starstruck, at least a little. I think we all  have someone who, if we met them in person, would render us speechless.

If we’re on Twitter the pinnacle of stardom is to become “verified.” That means you’re in the realm of celebrity. I’m not verified – life is unfair.

Since we’re not celebrities, the closest we’ll get to one is to have them follow us on Twitter.

I looked around online because I was curious if any big shots followed me. Sadly there wasn’t a specific web app to do this. I found a workaround with another website, but it was a little tricky to use.

For fun I decided to build my own.

The site is simple – it scans your Twitter followers and identifies all the famous peeps that follow you. That’s it.

For most of you the report takes just a few seconds to run. Those that have more than 15k followers will have to wait a while longer.

There’s not much more to say other than I thought it would be a nice distraction from our normal non-famous lives.


famous followers
You are totally curious to find out. I know you!

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