I’m Going To Be Making It Easier For You To Comment (and why I’m sad about this)

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Okay – you’ve been yelling about this for over a year, and I’m finally listening.

I’ve been watching my comment counts go down over the past few months. This is odd because my pageviews are staying the same (and actually increasing every month). I had to conclude recently that my posts have been sucking nards. This is possible. I’m coming off nearly one full year of posting, and I felt some crappy posts have gone live in the past two months. Not a lot, but a few.

But then recently I’ve written some really strong ones and received hardly any comments. So either I’m living in a fantasy world of my writing being amazing or there’s something else going on.

The commenting system.

First of all, I love LiveFyre. I love the people at LiveFyre. I know several of them. They rock to an insane degree. The product is awesome and I couldn’t more highly endorse it. I can’t tell you how often their support team has been available to me whenever I’ve had a problem, and I’ve had a lot of them. Total number of dollars I’ve spent with LiveFyre? $0.

But I think it’s time to turn it off.

Now, I’m not going with a competitor like Disqus or CommentLuv. As far as I’m concerned LifeFyre is still the top of the heap for third party commenting systems. I, however, just can’t ignore anymore the throngs of people that continually tell me they struggle with the system. I did a poll today on Twitter and Facebook and 85% of the people said they would comment more if they didn’t have to log-in.

Ironically, LiveFyre has a “no log-in” feature, but it’s hard to figure out.

Personally I don’t really get this. I can’t imagine it’s a hassle for anyone (or at least it’s not a hassle for me) to comment with LiveFyre, but it clearly is for some of you. In the past I was just like, “F it. If they can’t figure out how to log in, screw ’em!” Not that I was mad, I just didn’t think it was a big deal.

Well, the masses have spoken. And maybe it is a big deal from certain devices. I never comment on my own stuff, so I don’t know how it works. I just know how I do it from the back-end. I’m always logged in so there’s nothing to do other than type.

Bottom line – this is YOUR section. The comments are all about you and not me. I need to respect the will of the people. I’m going to be turning off LiveFyre very shortly.

Now, I’m all for turning it back on in the future. I mean, on any big website (HuffPo, CNN, Engadget) you always have to log-in before you comment. Engadget actually uses LiveFyre. But for small blogs like mine, maybe it’s not necessary.

Some of you will not like this. I get it. I don’t love it either, and I already feel like a total dick turning off LiveFyre. They’ll get over it. But I still am a little sick to my stomach. I know I sound lame, but I am loyal.

But ultimately, I’m most loyal to you. So, it’s going away. But here’s the deal.

You sons of bitches better start commenting the shit out of my posts. Or else I’m turning it back on AND WITH CAPTCHA. Oh yeah. I’ll do it. I’m crazy like that.

blog comments

Start thinking of stuff to say and crap.


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  1. I never have to log in. I’m commenting just to prove it to myself, cos obviously you can’t tell.  
    I like livefyre though, so, yeah. How about not changing just because I like livefyre too?

  2. Well I just posted my first comment on yesterday’s post and other than having to create an account and the initial hassle of doing that via an iPhone, I switched to a computer and no problem. However, listening to your audience is always a smart thing. I mean look at Instagram they change one little thing and now everyone hates them. So smart idea listening.

  3. Just so you don’t feel alone LOL It doesn’t matter to me what commenting system people use. If I have time and like the post I’ll comment. ~ Fellow Tribe mate

  4. I realize that you feel like you’re betraying Livefyre, I think making it easier for us to post comments is a smart idea. I don’t mind logging in, but struggling with a Captcha on an iPhone is not my idea of a good time. I could just post comments on your Facebook post, but it’s not the same. I just hope it doesn’t make it easier for the trolls to ruin it for all the other kids.

  5. Sorry dude – livefyre just takes the fun out of it.  I don’t comment on “the big guys” for the simple reason that I hate the whole sign in process.  I think we can be friends now.

  6. So here’s my deal: I created a livefyre account JUST FOR YOU PARIS. I do not follow any other blogs that use this system. I mainly see CommentLuv and Disqus. In fact, lots of big newsy type stuff uses disqus too so I don’t know what you’re talking about 😛
    That being said….I agree that an easy comment system is imperative. I don’t comment on blogspot blogs unless I absolutely have to, and if I see the captcha, well then I email them and say – you better turn that damn thing off if you want me back!  
    I have to say that I love disqus and commentluv and I like the simple WP ones too. What are you going to use in place of livefyre?
    I’m not sad you’re taking down livefyre. I’m not happy either. I am completely neutral in fact. But, what I notice with comments is that I get a lot more when I go and comment on their blog too. The whole karma thing.
    Anyway, somehow you’ve made the concept of changing comment systems rather intriguing and so I’ll be back just to spy on what you’ve replaced it with!

  7. Use twitter, FB, whatever else, I’m always logged in. Yes, you create an account at first. And yes sometimes I think it’s not worth it to comment if I have to create at account. But usually it’s news articles and other things I read where I feel that way. If it’s something I read every day, then creating an account once is no big deal. Or, you can be like my parents, who complain about having to make an account for EVERYTHING… (omg…)

  8. Yours is the only blog I read that uses the LiveFyre system, but I have no problem commenting with it. I’m usually reading blogs while at the office, which I’m not supposed to do, but it hampers my ability to spend time posting comments. That’s my problem, not yours, hehe. Do what you gotta do man, I’ll still be reading.

  9. I have to admit that I hated it when I started hanging around, but when I figured out that I could just use my twitter login, it kinda took the sting out. My problem with commenting systems is that I do most of my browsing in an incognito window (for a bunch of paranoid freakazoid reasons) and so I can’t stay logged into anything.

  10. Yours is the only blog I read that uses LiveFyre (and I had to double check on how to spell that because I see it hardly anywhere). I mostly see Disqus, and I use them for my blog. Not that I blog regularly, but… I like Disqus because I think they make it easier for folks to comment.  Your FB followers who are likely already logged into their FB accounts can easily comment. Your Twitter followers can comment and have the option to Tweet it.  It all shows up on Disqus. So convenient…

  11. Not sure what the hullabaloo is about  having  to login to Livefyre but whatevs.   I like to see my profile pic next to my comments.   It’s like I’m right there!
    By the way, your website takes like three or four whole seconds to load when I click on it.   It’s one of the slowest-loading websites in my browsing history.   I’m not a click away of casting you away into interweb oblivion, but thought you might like to hear about a REAL problem. 🙂

  12. At first I never commented because I didn’t want to create an account. Then one day I really really wanted to comment and so created an account. Just to comment on your blog and no-one elses! Now it logs me in automatically and so it’s no big deal. I don’t comment on anyone else’s blog hardly  ever. I lurked here for months before commenting.
    It’s a busy time of year, people are probably just too pressured to comment. It doesn’t mean we don’t like the posts.
    This adds nothing at all to the dialogue! Just wanted to join the others in commenting the shit out of your post 🙂

  13. Just posting to say I like your moves and I like how you worked ‘nards’ in there. Good lingo.  
    And I also want to point out that I tried to comment here last night, from my phone, but was unable. The page kept freezing.

  14. o.k. you’ve convinced me.  I signed up with livefyre so I can make comments.  I’d rather live free from another password.  But I like to read what you have to say and sometimes have comments.  So–here I am commenting.
    I had a really neurotic cat that had to be on on some calming meds.  It was a “fish”-flavored, foul-smelling liquid that had to be injected into his mouth a couple of times a day.  I could have learned to hate cats through that whole period.  But I found myself wishing that someone cared enough about me to risk being spewed on twice a day just to keep me off the ceiling.  Anyway, when he calmed down from the hideous experience with his person, he would come up to me and want me to pick him up to snuggle.  Boy I loved that kitty.  He’s no longer with me.  🙁

  15. I got my livefyre account just to leave you comments, but I’ve seen it other places too. I have issues with my Disqus. A lot of people, mainly non-bloggers, have said they can’t leave me comments with it. Some systems (whatever a system is) can’t even access Disqus, including my Husband’s laptop. Whacked.

    1. Oh, and I haven’t been commenting because I’ve been helping this dude edit his book and it’s also the week before Christmas and I haven’t finished my shopping nor baked a single cookie.

  16. I think you’re making the right choice.  Although it wasn’t an issue to sign up originally, sometimes livefyre doesn’t work for me on certain days/devices (haven’t figured out any correlation yet), and after a few attempts, I decide that it wasn’t meant for me to comment, and never try again.  So yes, I think you’ll get more comments now.

  17. Okay, I was one who doesnot like livefyre…because I don’t like to have yet ANOTHER password, etc. and attempted a few times to leave comments but in the end gave up. Please don’t turn on Capthcha. I get hives and all kinds of allergies with it. I also decided I need new eyes to work with it and I cannot afford new eyes right now. Isn’t it odd that most folks don’t leave comments? Read that is true for most folks (in a blog post elsewhere recently).

  18. I actually liked Livefyre, but then I’m on Blogspot and that whole Google thing sucks dogballs; it’s almost as hideous as WordPress, which bites weenuses. Just keep doing what you’re doing, we’ll keep reading. I love your posts and your writing.

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