I Had My Handwriting Analyzed!

handwriting analysis

A few weeks ago I was replying to comments here on the blog and I noticed one of my readers did handwriting analysis professionally. Her name is Theresa and if you want to learn about yourself, I suggest you go visit her site and hire her. She’s great.

I asked her if she would do me the honors and she did! Below is the sample I submitted and the results.

Back when I was in my twenties I was so inept at meeting women that I wanted some sort of hook. I had read in a seduction book that women loved getting their handwriting analyzed. I bought a book on the subject and learned about twenty different traits in handwriting styles.

I used it like crazy. I’d go to parties and casually mention that I knew how to analyze handwriting. Women do love it. However, it’s like a magic trick. Fun to watch, but nobody goes home and bangs the magician. I used it as parlor entertainment, plain and simple.

I do believe however, that it does provide legitimate insight into the personality. She produced a full report. I’m only going to show a few excerpts with my own comments.

handwriting analysis
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  • Low self-esteem (yes, there is some of that there….you often look in the mirror and blow out of  proportion your shortcomings, rather than concentrating on your good qualities)

Sadly, I focus more on my deficiencies that strengths. Instead of seeing myself as being perfectly imperfect (that sounds like a terrible mug your coworker has in the adjacent cubicle) I tend to focus on what’s missing vs. what’s already there. In order for me to have gratitude of my strengths, I actually need to do this consciously. Does not come naturally.

  • Sarcastic

Oooh… you’re soooooooooooooooooooo smart to figure that one out, genius! (bad joke, I know)

  • A bit of vanity

Also true. I just got off the phone with a potential date and she’s a stylist and I was sure to tell her I had a thick, blonde head of hair. It’s all I have, people!

  • Your relationship with your father was difficult

Growing up I knew my father loved me but I was convinced he didn’t actually like me. He was present but quiet and didn’t know how to engage me. I have since learned that he is my biggest supporter. He calls me almost every day just to see how I’m doing. When I come home to spend the weekend, he’s in heaven. But still, during those formative years, yep, I thought he hated me.

  • You have great physical energy, but there are times when your energy is truncated and you feel
    like you can’t get as much done as you’d like to, OR, you’re simply not doing enough things
    that you enjoy physically.

Bingo. I am a very energetic person but I often self-soothe by eating too much. Just tonight on the subway home I was feeling a little down. I decided to escape with some fast food. Nothing wrong with that except I bought more than I should have and ended up passing out at 7pm for an hour. Talking with a friend later tonight I was laughing about this. She said, “Didn’t you just do the same thing with chicken wings last week?” I over-soothe to the point of pass-out. Since I don’t drink or use drugs, this is how I run away. I’m okay with it, mostly. We all run from time to time.

  • Several strokes indicate you feel like you have too many irons in the fire and your friends may
    soon buy you a shirt that says, “Just say NO”

Between being in a band, working a full-time job, writing each night, doing a podcast, exercising daily, finishing  a book and now dating, I’m pretty busy. I always take on more projects as I’m assuming I’m not doing enough stuff. Maybe I’m not allocating my time or my priorities as well as I could, but my dance card is definitely filling up.

I could go on and on but the bottom line is that handwriting analysis is fun and insightful. Next up is palm reading. If you read palms, I want you to take a look and see what’s in store for me. Hopefully it involves a stint as a multi-millionaire.

Thanks again Theresa!