Finally Starting That Thing – Let’s Get Fixed

Last Sunday a bunch of us committed to changing how controlling we are to people in our life.

Time to check in to see how badly you failed! Or succeeded. Whatever.

And we’re going to set a new goal – so if you’re new to the site, get ready to become more awesome.

Let's Get Fixed

Those cat balls are hauntingly beautiful.

How Let’s Get Fixed Works

  1. There is a theme each week where you can join in our crusade to not suck so hard.
  2. In the comment section declare what you will accomplish this week.
  3. In seven days I’ll write a follow up post and you can check in. If you’ve succeeded you’ll receive a virtual make-out session from the rest of us.
  4. If you fail, well, you’re just human and everyone makes mistakes. Just kidding – we’ll goof on you. Hard.

Last Week Goal Check-In

I promised not to criticize my girlfriend for a full seven days.  This is incredibly difficult as I know the best way to do everything. I could even improve upon how she brushes her teeth if she would only listen to me. I read an article about directional brushing that blew my mind apart. (No, I didn’t, but I lied and said I did).

I was batting 1.000 until this morning when she hit me with an unexpected whopper. She is going to start pursuing her MBA, something we had never discussed. I have no problem with that, of course, it’s that she wanted to do it without working a full-time gig during the program. And, had she $120k in the bank stashed from her days skimming drug money from the evidence room at the local precinct, I’d be into it. But, like the rest of us, this means loans. I  aggressively  tried to tell her that going to school full time is a stupid idea. In short, criticism.

Nine hours later I no longer believe it’s stupid. But that’s how long it takes me to realize I’m being an idiot. So, technically, I failed.

Cat Fail


This Week’s Goal –  Finally Starting That Thing

As I was attempting to shame my girlfriend for deciding to go to grad school, I had an idea, “Hey, I too should finally go to grad school!” You would have thought that would have stopped me from yelling at her. It did not. Anyway, my mom, dad, and sister all have graduate degrees. Most of my friends do, too. I should have done this long ago, and I’ve never met someone that said their MBA was a waste of time.

I manage a pretty big sales force and do all our marketing, and the skills would help me to build the business a lot faster.

But, I know nothing about MBAs. Do I have to take that GMAT thing? I really hope not – the math section terrifies me. I hope I can just show up in a tight sweater and flutter my eyes at the admissions person. I’m good at that. Here’s my declaration.

Within seven days, I will learn about the graduate programs in Chicago and the requirements to get in.

It’s Your Turn

What have you been putting off that you’ve wanted to learn/do? Remember that time you were really into stamping? God, I hope you didn’t just answer “yes.” Scrapbooking also applies. Anyway, pick something fun/challenging that would be a new experience, and declare that you will take the next step.

Also, check in from last week about you being a critical dick! Were you less of a dick? And if you’re name is Dick, does your wife ever say, “Dick!” and you’re not sure if she’s calling you one or just calling for you?

16 thoughts on “Finally Starting That Thing – Let’s Get Fixed”

  1. Natalie the Singingfool says:

    Be amazed: I totally aced last week and did not work myself into the ground. I also missed a week of word from illness, so it was like God giving me a gentle nudge.Starting a blog is a new-enough challenge, and doesn’t leave me much time to learn to speak fluent French, so I’ll stick with this. I still feel like I’m learning.

    1. Natalie the Singingfool says:

      Also, apparently I can’t spell “work” correctly. Illness has obviously infected the verbiage section of my brain.

    2. D.J. Paris says:

      Natalie the Singingfool  Next time just pop some Sudafed or something – stop being a baby about your sinuses. Get a vasoconstrictor and move on!Write me when you get the gout or something hilarious.

  2. Natalie the Singingfool says:

    Also, MBAs rock. I don’t have one, but I do have an MA, and it was the most bestest thing I ever did (it was in English, of all things). Have fun diving into the academic pool – I wish I could go back, too!

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      Natalie the Singingfool  You just want to do bongloads and ditch your 8am class and eat ramen noodles. I completely understand.

  3. pdk117 says:

    Trying to do the right thing for others. WRONG. All last week I tried first to start a charity for my Autistic grandson, BOOM, got slammed by my daughter. Then my so called brother-in-law calls me and tells me that I am trying to personally gain from trying to help my nephew get SSI money and find out no one in my family trusts me either. So DJ, When I get the feeling to do something right or good for other I will just turn the other cheek. That is after I have pulled down my pants and told them all to kiss my OH by the way, I forgot to tell you, I also tried to get my own mother to buy my best friends truck that I use all the time so he did not have to sell it out from under me and I am sure you know how that story goes. Were was I, Oh yeah, ASS.

  4. ModMomBeyondIndieDom says:

    Oh crap, I failed too. Still haven’t found a new doctor. I’m going to do that. This week. Really, I am. And I’m going to write at least one new song. And im going to get The Hubby to change his name to Dick. That would be awesome!

  5. Dalrie says:

    I didn’t once  nag  at my mother, I insinuated that I wanted to  talk at her disapprovingly, but I never actually did. Yay me!This week I am learning how to french braid my daughter’s hair so she will always depend on my hair styling skills to get her through life. MUHAHAHAHA.

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      Dalrie  Wow! Congrats. I’m very proud of you, except mom may need to be held accountable. It’s perfectly acceptable to yell at her if she’s being a c***.(that sentence just made me laugh)(still making me laugh)

  6. redbone210 says:

    I got an MBA…online…with no GRE! And I still got a good  job (that’s me thumbing my nose at the academia snobs who think you have to do ridiculous things like …take real tests and defend your thesis!) Pshaw…Anyway, no I was still a self-righteous dick last week. I just turned it inward more and beat myself up all weekend. I’ll start being nicer to myself this week when I stop putting off laying on the floor and doing crunches to get rid of the muffin top that I can no longer blame on babyfat (she’s 5 now, there is no way I can still claim that – or can I?)

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      redbone210  Hey, just so you know crunches won’t help with the muffin top. It’s a calorie thing. Just in case you didn’t know. That’s me being helpful!

  7. Elizabeth Flourish says:

    I love this so much. I’m sure your girlfriend will love the effort you make, even if you slip once or….um, more this week.And good luck with grad school research. Smart people make me jealous. But it’s nice having smart friends. I can just call them instead of googling things. I’m lazy.

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      Elizabeth Flourish  Oh, Liz, I decided to steal this idea from you. Just letting you know.And don’t try to sue me – I crush Asians!(Oh, also, I’m sort of racist.)

      1. Elizabeth Flourish says:

         All good till I got to the part about crushing Asians. =/

  8. dadblunders says:

    D.J.You do have to look at positive side though. You were successful for almost a week. If you were going to make habit it would take almost 4 weeks. I think you did very well and you deserve a pat on the back for it!Aaron

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      dadblunders  Thanks! My girlfriend would disagree, but that’s just because she was the recipient of my anger. What a bitch!

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