Being Grateful For Stuff – Let’s Get Fixed

Last Sunday a bunch of us committed to finally getting that thing done we’ve been putting off.

Time to check in to see how badly you failed! Or succeeded. Whatever.

And we’re going to set a new goal – so if you’re new to the site, get ready to become more awesome.

Let's Get Fixed

That cat sack just effectively killed my appetite.

How Let’s Get Fixed Works

  1. There is a theme each week where you can join in the crusade to not suck so hard.
  2. In the comment section declare what you will accomplish this week.
  3. In seven days I’ll write a follow up post and you can check in. Succeed and you’ll receive a virtual make-out session from me.
  4. If you fail, well, you’re just human and everyone makes mistakes. Just kidding – we’ll goof on you. Hard.

Last Week Goal Check-In

I vowed to get information about going back to school for my MBA. Now, truth be told, I did this a few hours before writing the post tonight. Hey, I had a busy week – my girlfriend was in town for a bachelorette party. I had to take care of two chihuahuas (instead of one) and an insanely drunk woman last night. When she stumbled in she was surprisingly not wearing a penis hat, penis necklace or anything else penis-ornamental. Some women love to go for the dildo-themed bachelorette party – her friend did not. Probably a better call for the bride’s dignity.

So, I was a little busier than usual. But I did manage to sign up for three informational events from schools I’m looking at – hopefully since I have a title that sounds way more impressive than it is, I can get into the Executive MBA program. This means you don’t have to take the tests and such, which would be killer as I don’t want to ever look at a graphing calculator ever again. Well, unless you turn it upside down to spell out “boobs” – hilarious.

Digression over – I won the week’s challenge!


This Week’s Goal –  Gratitude

As I’ve progressed through therapy, I’ve realized that I’m a pretty dark mofo. Many would describe me as super-upbeat, smiley, and always laughing – much of that is true. However, by myself I tend to focus on what’s wrong, what’s missing, and where my life would be today if my first girlfriend hasn’t broken my heart, tore out my soul, and extinguished the flame of my love light! Just kidding – she was a dopey chick with good curls. Bitches don’t get over on me.

No, I was born this way. My big issue is that in the moments of anger, sadness, and fear, I forget everything that is good in my life. I’m not a depressive, but I tend to look on the “what sucks” side.

That needs to change.

For example, if I’m arguing with my girlfriend, in that moment of frustration I forget that this is the same person that rebuilt and organized my closet when I was out of town. That’s a big deal.

I think this insanity is a result of not being practiced in seeing what is  good. Part of is psychological too, and I have a shrink to aide with my silliness.

So, what’s the plan? Well, I’m turning to the time-honored practice of hitting my knees in the morning. Yeah, like the Catholics do in church during the wafer part. Which is so uncomfortable and boring. Just sit already. Yes, we’re all impressed with your kneeling. It’s so holy.

Now, I’m not doing this because God loves us kneeling before him. I hope that his ego isn’t that big, and he’s got more important things to get fixed that my stupid prayers. No, this isn’t an homage to the big guy – it’s a recognition of the people in my life that love and care for me AND all the great stuff I’m doing that should be acknowledged.

I asked my friend Bill, who I don’t think even believes in God, about the getting on your knees part. He’s one of the smartest guys I know and only does shit that get results. “Getting on your knees works. Not sure why. It does.”

I will hit my knees first thing in the morning and give thanks to the people in my life that rock, and for all I do that rocks.

It’s Your Turn

What, if you thought about it, would bring forth more gratitude in your life? I don’t mean deny the bad stuff – that’s just moronic. But can you honor both the dark and the light? Like, sure your Facebook stalker is kind of needy. But at least he think you’re hot! What is going well in your life that you forget because you get caught up in the gunk? Let’s get fixed this week and honor that good.

Tip – If you fail to see any good in your life, simply drive around your town and find someone who just looks like they blow. Point at them and chuckle to yourself. At least you’re not that bozo! You’ll feel instantly grateful.


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