I Reviewed the F-Cup Cookie on InThePowderRoom

f cup cookie

Once in a while I make a good life decision. Recently, I worked out an exclusive content agreement with bed humor site InThePowderRoom. This means I write fresh stuff for them every month. My dead for this month’s article is …

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100k Twitter Followers and Caffeine Addiction

caffeine addiction

I crossed over 100k followers today. Yes, it’s a not-so-subtle brag. But, screw it.  I’m taking a victory lap. The victory lap equates to a night of eating pizza until passout. Before the carbs and fat sink my consciousness …

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I Just Responded to 200 Blog Comments

bath salts

The last four hours have been a blur. In my effort to show appreciation for everyone that , I have committed to responding to each in 2014. The process is a lot of fun and often what you write is …

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I Sometimes Publish Crap – A Confession


Years ago I used to bother celebrities on and write about the interactions. I called it CelebTweets. After a few posts went live a television producer contacted me with an idea. If I wrote fifty of these she …

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A Dangerous Tweet

My first funny Tweet.

I sent out a dangerous tweet. It read, “I will write an entire blog post about whatever the first person to respond wants.” The first reply was a total misfire –  @amoldkevin  said, “me.” While I appreciate his tenacity, I …

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