I Don’t Know How to Soothe Myself


What do you do to soothe yourself when you’re having a rough day? I stared at my therapist blankly. By 10am I had been having a “not feeling good” kind of morning. The cold and the sludge and no sun …

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I Sometimes Publish Crap – A Confession


Years ago I used to bother celebrities on and write about the interactions. I called it CelebTweets. After a few posts went live a television producer contacted me with an idea. If I wrote fifty of these she …

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Some Behind the Scenes Reader Drama

bush rash

Some time ago I received a private message from a reader. In this note the person claimed to be having an affair with another of my readers. I thought this was the coolest thing. Two readers met on my blog …

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Fun in the Bedroom – The D.J. Way

The Japanese Businessman

Yesterday I wrote about how I can fall asleep faster than Jessie Owens sing to the bathroom with diarrhea. Nice – I managed to work in a Jessie Owens reference. Need to update my references. Not very timely. Since I …

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