oSex With Karen and D.J. – Episode 3

The third episode of oSex with Karen and D.J. is live! oSex is a videocast where we Karen and I answer your relationship and sex questions. The “O” stands for “opposite”! Get it? There’s two of us, right? And one of us is a lady? (it’s not me)

We’re very proud of this show and hope you enjoy it. In this episode we tackle questions like…

  • I wake up and masturbate until I’m raw!
  • My husband is having online chat sex.
  • Should I masturbate in front of my impotent husband?
  • STDs during oral sex – what should you do?
  • Karen Dating Don’t – farting on a date in front of the date

If you’d like to be on our show (either anonymously or by name) please complete the form below with your relationship or sex question and we’ll help you!


2 thoughts on “oSex With Karen and D.J. – Episode 3”

  1. Dayna says:

    Imagine my conservative and extremely modest self landing on your post because your blog is next in line to visit and leave a comment. I’m sure you are reaching just the right audience with your blog. (I’m just not one of them. I’m blushing.) All the best!

  2. Marisa Slusarcyk says:

    I followed yall on UBC and I read the write up and thought “Oh dear” but when i clicked the video after the kids were in bed yall had me laughing and you give good educational advice. Video blogs seem to be the way to go, though I wish you had it transcribed so i could have read it while the kids were awake instead of having to wait so late. Just a thought.

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