I Shaved My Back For Nothing!


Often I sit in front of the computer for fifteen minutes or more trying to figure out what to write.

Not today.

Two days ago I shared about  needing to trim up my shoulder hair  for a pool party I had been invited to.  Today was the day, so I grabbed my suit, a towel, and headed out the door for my friend’s house, which is an hour away.

Let’s back up.  About a month ago I received an Evite for their son’s 2.5 birthday.  His big day is around Christmas so they host a party in the summer.  Pretty good idea!  Anyway, the invite didn’t have much description except promised food and fun for little kids.

Then, two days before the party they sent a reminder email with these exact (and only) words.

Don’t forget to bring your swim suits, towels, and Tupperware for leftovers! Can’t wait to see everyone on Saturday!

Oh, it’s a pool party!  I didn’t know!  I was very excited to swim in a pool as this would probably be the only time this entire summer.  Thus, the post referenced earlier was written.

And it made sense.  I was pretty sure they belonged to a country club that’s part of their homeowner’s association.  It’s near where they live.  I wasn’t 100% sure this was the case, as they’ve never discussed a pool, but I know for sure there’s a golf course and club restaurant.  So, I figured we’d truck over from their house to the pool and swim with the kids.

Just before I left the house I realized I had forgotten to shave down my shoulders.  I marched back into the condo, took off my shirt in the bathroom and grabbed the Bic.  I’d like to say that I did the deed in the shower stall, but that would not be honest.  I whetted down the razor so the hairs stuck to the blade and stood where I brush my teeth and look longingly at myself in the mirror.  Then I washed the razor-stuck back pubes out in the sink.

Three minutes later I emerged from the bathroom without shoulder/upper back hair.  I was ready to party.

Smash-cut to me pulling up to their house.  As I rounded the corner to the backyard, I saw an inflatable bouncy castle, a snowcone machine, a guy driving a three car mini-train, and an inflatable slide pool.

I realized I was not going swimming.

This makes sense, because why would we meet at their house if we were going to a pool?  We would have just met at the pool.  I also noticed that kids were in their bathing suits in the big slide pool thing, and there were four inches of water collected at the bottom of the slide.

I would like to say that I felt stupid because had I thought this through I might have deduced the swimming was for children.  But, the email was the culprit.  The email went to  adults  and it didn’t specify the object of “bring your suit.”  As such, I had to assume the object was the person to which the email was sent – me.

I had fun anyway, and am home now glad this happened so that I could write about it.

When does the YMCA close? And, isn’t that where bums sleep? I never quite figured that out.

photo credit: Kalexanderson via photo pin cc

One thought on “I Shaved My Back For Nothing!”

  1. Stella Maddox says:

    I waxed my husband’s back once. It resulted in one red flaming hairless strip down his back before he passed out and smacked the kitchen counter. Since the rest of his back was already covered in wax, I had to finish the job. Sadly for him, it was before a real pool party and he had to attend in shame.

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