I Completely Screwed Up

The Plaza Las Vegas
C'mon - with a logo like that you know it's classy.

I really screwed up.

Today as I was attending my last session at BlogWorld I went to check my flight that was later that evening. Well, technically next morning – 12:30am. It was around two in the afternoon and I wanted to see if American had an earlier flight. I was kind of in a weird place. I had already checked out of my hotel and there was the closing keynote going on at 4pm. I really wanted to see it as it was a full television show production with a live band and Chris Hardwick. However, I knew that after the show I’d cab it to the airport and sit around for six hours before my flight.

The blog convention also are having a closing party at 8pm at a different hotel. So, if I wanted to go I’d have to grab my bags from the bellhop, jump in a cab, head over to the party, have fun, then jump back in a cab to the airport. While doable, it’s not very practical. Also, what to do between 5-8pm? I was staying at the Rio which is totally inconvenient to do anything on the strip, since it’s not walkable.

I decided that if I could find an earlier flight that evening, sometime before 12am, then I would leave the convention a little early and catch it. Taking a 12:30am flight sucks as I would get in and go directly to work.

When I loaded up the app on my phone to see what other flights were available it kept coming back with “none.” This was strange as I knew I had flight later that evening. Checked on American’s site. No flights from Las Vegas to Chicago. Hmm…

I searched through my emails on my phone. Found the record. Yeah, there it is, my flight at 12:30am – it’s right….


I borked the date. Instead of choosing January 9th 12:30am, I had chosen January 8th, 12:30am. This is barely a mistake. I only goofed the date by thirty minutes. So, technically, I was supposed to fly out last night (or this morning) at 12:30am. I missed my flight.

I was just bragging to my family that I have never missed a flight. I cannot say this any more.

When I called American to sheepishly admit my gaffe, they were pretty understanding. I didn’t have to pay any extra to get it rerouted and everything is rebooked. Except…

They have no more flights tonight. The earliest is at 9am tomorrow. Okay, no problem. I would just ask the Rio for another night, no big deal.


I forgot about CES which is the largest convention Las Vegas hosts each year. 150,000 people come in just to check out the latest gadgets and software. Well, they also come for one other reason, but I’m not about to go into that here. You can google and figure it out.

I made my way to the Rio’s main lobby and the line was fifty deep to register. I remember the front desk telling me this morning that I couldn’t have a late checkout because they were completely full and needed my room.

Oh, and my battery on the phone was almost dead.

Oh, and now I’ve missed Chris Hardwick, one of my podcast and comedy heroes.

It’s like, not a first world problem at this point. Minimum second world. Consider me like Egypt.

I think Cairo’s got a whole bunch of serious problems if I remember correctly. Insurgency and what not. I could be wrong though. It’s not like I do research before blogging.

I took to my trusty phone and quickly downloaded the Expedia app. I was grateful to find a hotel that was reasonable – The Plaza. It sits right at the end of Fremont Street in old Vegas. Old, dirty Vegas. The area everyone tells you to go to when you visit, but when you do, you’re totally disappointed. It sucks. But in a fun way, actually.

I rescheduled all my work meetings tomorrow so tonight I can go out and play some three dollar blackjack. You know, because I’m big time. Totally big time.


The Plaza Las Vegas
C’mon – with a logo like that you know it’s classy.


photo credit: wbeem via photopin cc