First Day of High School – Bloggers are Weird Podcast

First Day of High School – Bloggers are Weird Podcast

D.J. talks about his time as a Protestant at a Catholic high school and how seeing Jesus on the cross really bums him out.

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  1. As I’m listening, I feel like I’ve read this post before. I went agnostic > Catholic for 10 yrs. > Protestant. I’m pretty sure I’m going to BlogHer. I’ll look for you. I need to find out more about the Aiming Low party.

  2. Ah, I grew up in a home that was half Catholic and half Protty. My dad’s side of the family were backslid Catholic, yet had the crucified Jesus images EVERYWHERE. My aunt even had a portrait of crucified Jesus that would slowly open his eyes the closer you came to it. *shudders*

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