Lost in Suburbia Giveaway – Tracy Beckerman – Bloggers are Weird Podcast

In this episode I interview humor columnist and author Tracy Beckerman.

To celebrate the launch of Tracy’s newest book, Lost in Suburbia, we are giving away a copy! All you have to do is enter your email below. You’ll receive a confirmation email and once you click that link you’ll automatically be entered in the contest. I will draw the winner on April 2nd.

You can also pre-order the book by clicking on the link above!

Enter your email below for the giveaway!

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2 thoughts on “Lost in Suburbia Giveaway – Tracy Beckerman – Bloggers are Weird Podcast”

  1. Kate Hall says:

    You’re the exact same height as my husband – 6’2-1/2″. You’ve got 10 pounds on him. I’m sure you’ll lose it when you get back on your bike. Stop eating all those Good & Plenty’s!

    1. Kate Hall says:

      I was listening to your podcast and went to the Erma Bombeck site and saw Tracy is the featured humor writer of the month. Cool. I want to do that workshop next year.

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