I Need Your Help Choosing An Intro!

thoughtsfromparis intro

Since I’m doing a lot more videos this year, I decided to build a proper intro.  Because I’m insane, I decided to build two. These will be placed at the beginning of my vlogs (video blogs).

Watch below and then vote for your favorite one below that!  You will choose the awesomeness that will precede the awesomeness that is me.


8 thoughts on “I Need Your Help Choosing An Intro!”

  1. jennapooh1971 says:

    Both intros are well done with a nice juxtaposition of classic against cheery. However I worry the added 6 seconds on the cheery will lose you the attention of your fellow ADD sufferers, and any distraction from you would surely be a loss to them. And you. ;-p

  2. YoungmanBrown says:

    The Grey one kicks ass. They are both well done though, did you do them yourself? Graphic arts history?

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      @YoungmanBrown Nah, I just learned a little bit of After Effects. It’s still tricky as hell though. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. circustoybox says:

    So you plan to make me waste another 6 seconds?

    Grey one.

    because in the other has odd spazzing, ADD-fied letters.

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      @circustoybox Just for that I’m going to make it 12 seconds.

  4. bigtexbri says:

    The bouncy one runs off of the right hand side of the screen, just sayin.

    1. D.J. Paris says:

       @bigtexbri  thanks!  I ended up choosing the other one.  Ha.

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