I Used to Wear Tight Jeans – A Confession

There has been an unfortunate trend over the past few years where men, usually in their late-teens to early twenties, have started to purchase and wear “skinny” jeans.   I’m talking about the jeans that are not just tight in the seat or waist, but in the legs, too.

I think most of us can agree that this is not a masculine look.   I’m not saying it’s a terrible look.   I don’t like it, personally.   But guys dress for women and men wouldn’t be wearing jeans like this if girls didn’t respond.   It’s strikingly effeminate in my opinion, and my experience with women is that they respond more to masculinity.   But what the hell do I know?   I’m old, married, and off the grid.

When it comes to clothes, I lean to the conservative.   I grew up in the Midwest, and have been wearing pretty socially-normal clothing for most of my life.   I still do.   I shop at places like Banana Republic for shirts, Lucky Brand for jeans, and Aldo for shoes.   Nothing too fancy, nothing too crazy.   Simple and clean.   It’s boring, but it looks good on me.

However, I do have one indulgence.   Or, to be more accurate, I HAD one indulgence.   Tight pants.

Now, not the same pants I just referenced earlier funneling out of a Death Cab for Cutie concert.   I’m talking about tight in the crotch.   Unfortunately, I am not joking.

How did this start?   By total accident, actually.   I was living in a studio apartment in Chicago, and single.   It was 2002.   I wanted to own just one fashionable, expensive pair of jeans.   The problem was I didn’t have any money.   I couldn’t afford to blow $150 on a pair of Diesel’s.

The interesting thing is that Levi’s had just come out that year with a premium line of jeans.   They were nearly $200, however. Way out of my price range.   However, I found a guy selling a new pair on Ebay for around $50.   The reason was that these were labeled incorrectly in size.   They were really a 34×34 (my size at the time), but listed on the jean tag as 33×34, so they couldn’t be sold at a retail outlet.

I ordered them, and was thrilled to have a nice pair of jeans coming my way.     When they arrived, they were not 34×34 as stated in the product description.   They were, in fact, 32×34.   Now, I could maybe squeeze into a 33, but not a 32.   What could I do?   No refunds allowed.

Then I noticed they were boot-cut, which turned out to be an asset even though I hadn’t ever worn a pair of boots in my life.   I tried them on, and while amazingly tight, they widened at the bottom near the feet.   In my rationale this evened out the look.   Tight on top, super loose on the bottom.   I couldn’t use my diaphragm to breathe, but who cares?   These were cool.

By the way, can we stop for a moment and discuss this word “diaphragm”?   Why is it a muscle you use as part of respiration, and also a means by which you can avoid parenthood?   I never understood that.   Change one of the names, I say.   Okay, back to story.

So, the jeans worked okay, in my opinion.   They looked fine in the mirror.   Except for one thing – you could totally make out my dong.

I must have tried to position my privates in at least seven different locations, but it was no use.   You could see everything.

Not Like This Guy - But Close
Not like this guy - But close

However, maybe this wasn’t so bad.   Not that I wanted people being able to see my magic, but maybe nobody would even notice.   I’ve never known women to look at a guy’s crotch.   I mean, I dated a lot, and no girl ever said, “Check out the d on that fellow!”   I’ve heard women talk about a guy’s butt, but never about front-junk.   So, I said, “Screw it.”   I put my loose fitting jeans (and dignity) in the closet where they gathered dust.

I wore the tight jeans for a year or two.   To be honest, I really have no idea if I became a walking joke, or if nobody ever noticed.   I seemed to get dates, and not one woman ever said anything about how the whole bar knew that I was a “lefty.”

Fast forward a few years, and I had finally come to my senses.   I realized this was not a look I wanted to cultivate, even if nobody noticed.   My income had expanded, and I now had the ability to purchase clothes that flattered my appearance.   Also, that fit correctly.   I put the tight jeans in the closet indefinitely where they hugged a coat hanger, instead of my balls.

After I turned 28, I started dating a woman who lived in a different state.   I made plans to go visit her, and took a flight to spend the weekend.   I had told her the tight jeans story, and she had me promise to bring them down and show her what they looked like.   Essentially, she wanted to make fun of me.   But, I’m a sport so I packed them.

When I got to her condo, I threw my suitcase in her closet, and dug around to change clothes.   Before I changed, she insisted that I model the tight jeans for her.   I hadn’t put them on in years, but, quite honestly, was kind of excited, because of how funny this was going to look.   I’ll sacrifice a little “cool” for a good joke.

I grabbed the jeans from the bottom of the closet and wrestled my way into them.   It really was an effort, but I got them on.   I didn’t remember them being THIS tight, but whatever.   I thought for sure I would bust the seam, just trying to get the button fly together.   I was like, “Man, either I’ve gotten fatter, or these jeans were way more unforgiving than I remember!”

I hadn’t gotten fatter.   I had put on her jeans by mistake.

Now, let’s go back a few steps.   I have to explain something because this probably sounds worse than it was.   This woman was six feet tall.   Also thin and fit.   I’m 6′ 2″ and pretty thin myself.

But still, I had put on her jeans.   And they had fit.   Tightly and uncomfortably, but they fit.

She quietly and softly said, “Um – those are my jeans.”   I had no idea.

I laughed.   I’m not a woman.   It had never crossed my mind that she might feel embarrassed that her boyfriend could fit into her pants.   I mean, I already knew this woman was beautiful and thin.   So, what’s the big deal?

Well, I’ve told this story to a bunch of women over the years, and they all have the same response.   It’s a big deal.   So, let’s just say that it’s safe to assume her self-esteem didn’t grow leaps and bounds after this event.   I don’t know if she starting cutting or anything, but it wasn’t a good start to the weekend.   She was a real trooper though, and laughed it off.   Our relationship ended soon after that.   Not because of this, I don’t think.

A few days ago I was telling my wife that I was going to write this story, and she pulled a potentially dangerous trick on me.   She made me try on her jeans.   Now, my wife is thin, but she’s also 5’8″.   That’s not too far from 6’2″.   Plus, I happen to currently be at my thinnest in years.   I tried to weasel out of it, but she essentially forced me to put on her jeans.

See, this really isn’t a fair thing, as women are built differently then men, often with wider hips.   So, jeans for a woman tend to accommodate for this.   Plus, they use different size measurements.   For men it’s in inches.   For women, it’s a size from 0-whatever.   I don’t know the conversion.   If my wife is a size 3 (no idea what size she really is), how many inches is that?   Heck if I know.   I tried doing the math, but couldn’t figure it out.

So, I just went for it.   I was absolutely relieved to find out that I came nowhere near fitting into her jeans.   I mean, I have to share a bed with this woman.   It’s in my best interest to not fit into her jeans.   Thankfully, I didn’t.   However, I did make her take this picture.   Enjoy.

Thank God...
Thank God...

33 thoughts on “I Used to Wear Tight Jeans – A Confession”

  1. Brett Henderson says:

    Not sure which picture disgusted me more…the guy with the gerbil in his trousers or having to look at your nougat colored thighs.

  2. D.J. Paris says:

    @Brett Henderson: I am most offended by you correlating the pigment of my thighs with the absolute worst ingredient in a candy bar. Next time I will Mystic Tan before photo.

  3. Karen says:

    lol … my boss turned up at work one day in his (tall, slim and gorgeous) wife’s jeans – and didn’t even know it till later in the day! he will never live it down!

  4. Kathleen says:

    I find it humorous that all these women felt it was a big deal. But I’ve owned a lot of boys’ and young men’s jeans in my time, so, maybe I’m the weird one.

  5. Jamie Isner says:

    This is priceless! I threw up in my mouth a little bit, but I truly appreciate the humor in this story. Bravo for your honesty!

  6. Vanessa says:

    Hate to break it too you but every woman you ever walked towards noticed the outline of you package when you were wearing those tight pants. Girls have an “eye drop” too, we’re just   a little more discreet about it.

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      “Eye drop” – gross.  So, you’re saying that thousands of women now know I swing to the left?

      1. Vanessa says:

         @delfinparis It’s not really gross, just unfortunate that we have to drop our eyes lower than men do. Of course women wear push up bras which helps with the presentation. I personally don’t want to ever see what the male equivalent of a push up bra.

        1. D.J. Paris says:

          So what’s sexier on a man, the pork or the beans?

  7. star_trek1701 says:

    I wear tight jeans (teenager)
    Then again, I am gay, so I guess…effeminate’s good? Jk, I wear them cause I like them.

  8. cmcwayx says:


  9. Heather says:

    And of course this is one of the first posts to which I gravitated… hoping for pictures and not disappointed.

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      Glad to have you as a reader.  Now, stop staring at what appears to be my vagina above.

  10. MsSassAfrass says:

    OMFG!!!! I LMAO so badly I was crying and had to set down the laptop to recoup before I could finish reading …. hahahahah I would have been no good if they would have been my jeans you put on!! lol At 5’1″ that would have been funny as hell!!!! lol The pic of u here is AWESOME 😉

  11. fallon_nicole37 says:

    LMAO! LOL I was considering getting my boyfriend Rob skinny jeans, but I think they would come around his knees! He is 6’6. He is thin. I think he could pull them off, but they are so short. He has to have a 36 inseam. He has very long legs.

  12. D.J. Paris says:

     @MsSassAfrass  Ha- thanks. Glad my embarrassment makes you smile.

  13. D.J. Paris says:

    @fallon_nicole37  As long as your boyfriend Rob is gay, I say go for it.

    1. Fats says:

      That adseesdrs several of my concerns actually.

  14. debbiebrookhart says:

    OMG….I saw your Inca Kola shirt and just about had a stroke….we just came back from 10 months in Ecuador, and they drink that like crazy there.  I thought my past was following me….truly a scary thought, since we left EC after a home-invasion where I was pistol-whipped, and were told our builder had something to do with the whole event.

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      Sorry to hear of your pistol-whipping! Glad you’re okay! Let’s go get that builder!

  15. mike says:

    I am glad they didn’t come close to fitting. It was a no win situation if you had squeezed them on. Pretty funny story though.

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      Thanks Mike! I’ll try to embarrass myself in the future for your continued enjoyment!

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  18. Dahlia says:

    Someone should write a post on women’s hipster jeans… I’ve yet to see a woman sit in them without revealing her butt

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    News flash, there are serious crotch watchers out here!

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  24. Ankita says:

    I agree with Kathleen. I wear boys’ jeans and chinos all the time. They are way more comfortable. I wear womens’ pants only in formals.

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