Promote Your Blog on My Blog Right Now – Take V

Wil Wheaton Clown

It’s time yet again.

You know the people that pay to be my advertisers? Today we collectively shove our middle fingers up their right nostrils!

I had to choose a nostril to end that last sentence, and “right” was definitely the correct nostril. If I would have chosen “left” you could have called my sanity into question. I know this doesn’t make sense but you are silently nodding your head.

Let’s all promote each other’s crap! Today and for the next twenty-four hours I’m going to let you pimp your blogs. And if you don’t have a blog, then pimp someone else’s that you read. You do this via the comments.


I always make you do something for it. SOMETHING INCREDIBLE.

Yes, get ready for greatness! You are about to engage something never done before in your life. You’re going to answer this damned question.

My friends would be shocked to know I ___________.

That, my friends, is the cost of admission. You must put this in your comment or else I get all delete-sy on you.

The other thing you must do is click a link on an advertiser link on the right. They pay good money to be there, and remember, they’re the reason this site can keep going. Find a blog over there that makes you feel all tingly from the description and make a click. Then make your way to the medicine cabinet and hit the heart medicine. You shouldn’t be feeling tingly reading a sentence about a blog.

So, to reiterate…

  1. When you click to comment, tell us what is shocking about you.
  2. Put a link to your blog and tell us what it’s about. (I refuse to allow promotion of blogs that discuss hyena poaching. That shit is intolerable, yo. Other poaching is fine.)
  3. Click one of the advertiser links over yonder ——–>

I’m going to go first.

My friends would be shocked to know I spend approximately an hour each week dancing in my bathroom with the lights off and the door closed.

I wish this weren’t true. But it is.

And now it’s your turn.

As always, to end this post here’s a photo of Wil Wheaton for no discernible reason.

Wil Wheaton Clown

Look, everyone! Gordy’s a clown!

A Group of Grandmas Going Greatness
Blue Light Therapy and Staring Into the Sun

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Comments 105

  1. Abbie Gale

    My friends would be shocked to know I can hula spectacularly, and even with poi balls swinging. There isn’t much for a Michigan girl to do in those long winters but take hula her whole childhood? I can use a blowtorch too but since I already mentioned I grew up in Michigan you probably deduced that.

    My blog wil hurt your eyes and hopefully make you laugh. Mostly it is our families audition to replace Bam Margeras family on Jacka$$.
    Abbie Gale at allthatmakkesyou.com

  2. Amy

    My friends would be shocked to know that my afternoon coffee is typically masking a shot of amaretto. They think I’m a goodie-goodie mama and health nut, just because I hang out with them. My blog is called Adorable Chaos at http://amylandisman.com and is about embracing the mayhem of life as a writer, mom of three and learning through life (uschooling / natural learning). Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always honest. :)

  3. Bina

    My friends would be shocked to know I sometimes truly wonder whether I am in the Truman show… it’s probably called something else though. Some movies make me paranoid and I think my friends would be rather surprised to realize the extent of it.

    And my blog is http://www.binajabber.com

    It’s really a lot of me jabbering away at complete strangers. I’ve never thought to jabber about hyena poaching. Maybe I should. Would it be about hyenas poaching on my turf or me poaching hyenas?

  4. Cyndi

    My friends would be shocked to know that I love to sniff new shower curtains. That’s right: I love the smell of new vinyl. Haha.
    Okay and my blog is: http://pictimilitude.com

    Thanks for the promo and of COURSE I read Julie’s blog every.single.day. I should probably come here more often. :)

  5. Deirdre Gage

    My friends would be shocked to know I once sold sex toys over the phone. For 2 days. Because some people are just too damn cheap to call a 900 number.

  6. Sam

    My friends would be shocked to know that I like to go “commando”. I don’t know if it shocking really but its not the kind of thing I normally share with people, friends or otherwise.

    My blog is http://twystedsam.blogspot.com/

    It is about living with a terminal disease, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), and how I fight to keep my reason to live, my sanity, and my sense of humor every day.

  7. Anthony Thomas

    So let me see if I am doing this right(sorry if its invalid because its the 5th and not the 4th)

    My friends would be shocked to find out that my relationship with my fiancee is an open one.

    That being said my blog is at http://www.clichegames.com

    it is a blog about the game development and game company creation I am working on. I occasionally also try to talk about the game industry in general and my perspective on some issues facing it from a development perspective.

  8. Jennifer

    My friends would be shocked to know that I am a recovering alcoholic (my online friends, anyway, my friends back home know). I drank daily for 7 years and got sober at the age of 25.

    My blog is: http://lovetowriteblog.wordpress.com/
    It is a fairly new blog, but it’s just real-life conversations, rants, my point of view as a parent, experiences with my kids and others. Brutal honesty, no holds barred. I have a lot to talk about, so more will come. :)

  9. Chris Desatoff

    My friends would be shocked to know that…when I see them in public, I quickly turn and walk the other way, pretending not to see them and hoping that they didn’t see me. Yeah, I’ve done this more times than I can count. My old Pastor, Steve…the lead singer from my old band, Caleb…my current neighbor, what’s her name (she always smiles and says, “hi Chris”, but I forgot her name 5 minutes after meeting her – 2 years ago- and I’m too embarrassed to chat)…yeah, so.

    http://www.iWorkOffTheClock.com – “Men get anxiety attacks too. How do you work and support your family if you can’t even clock in?”

    I talk about being a man with anxiety disorder and how I’ve lost almost 30 jobs because of anxiety attacks. So now I’m trying to figure out how to make money outside the regular “day job” route.

    “Like” it if you like it!

    Thanks DJ! Can’t see your ads ATM (iphone), but will grope them when I get on my laptop tonight.


  10. Natalie D. Wilson

    My friends would be shocked to know that I love Howard Stern and South Park.

    I am an independent author. My blog is about my books: http://nataliedwilson.com
    I write the Children of Angels series. My husband describes them as action, adventure, mystery, romantic fantasy novels. I’m just getting started, but so far my readers love my books!

  11. The Yank

    My friends would probably be shocked to know that I’m blogging about them. They haven’t been clever enough to figure out that all the gossip I tell them face-to-face is basically their own gossip with the names changed, so I figure I’m safe.

    That’s pretty much what my own blog is like – my business partner and I have a place to point out the absurdities of the service industry and tell all of the crazy secrets we’ve sworn not to tell. And we swear a lot: http://www.riiight.com/

    One of my blogging heroes is Coquette, so check her out, too: http://dearcoquette.com/

    And I am totally clicking LogoSchmogo …. we design geniuses need to stick together!

  12. WilyGuy

    My friends would be shocked to know that I watch Bob Ross…wait they know me.

    I’m going to pimp http://www.dudewrite.com in this space. Guys who write all sorts of posts, DJ has posted with us before. Come on, take a look…every day is keepin’ your blog hand strong on Dude Write….

    Ladies, Dudette week is coming soon!

  13. Tracy @ Momaical

    My friends would be shocked to know that had plastic surgery!

    Ok, now keep that nugget under your chapeau, ok?

    Here’s my blog for pimping: http://www.momaical.com. It’s a humorous look at trying not to raise a flock of assholes while simultaneously trying to find my cell phone, fit into my jeans and hide from the whining.

  14. Tongue Sandwich

    My friends might be “shocked” to know that I often get all teary-eyed while watching romantic movies by myself. They’d also be shocked to know that I spent four years in the army (SSG MP) and loved every minute of it. Do I get extra points for revealing two issues?

    My blog can be found here: http://tonguesandwich.wordpress.com

    I write, among various other subject matters (serious and silly ones) about philosophy, psychology, history, as well as ancient and contemporary culture – but not about reality TV, golf, or knitting, so please stop asking. I might occasionally even write about the love of my life: Espresso. My voice is, more often than not, irreverent, verbose, provocative and opinionated. Some folks are none too pleased about that, but what can you do.

  15. FaceMeetsPalm

    My friends would be shocked to know I’m not interested in sex, despite how much of a pervert I am. I’m almost obsessed with all things sexy– but I don’t care enough to lose my virginity.

    My friends (online) would also be shocked to know that I’m the stereotypical fat basement dweller who lives with my mom and helps her with childcare.

    I will protect it with nerdiness.

    Also, my blog is full of short stories. It’s intended to help me overcome the hurdles I see in my own writing ability, and to prove to myself that I CAN handle before I inevitably break down and go insane, to run off into the night screaming about semicolons and ellipses.

  16. Steve K

    My friends would be shocked to know, I actually have friends. I’m a tad bit antisocial lately.

    I’d like to pimp my latest blog which hasn’t been officially “released yet” It’s The (not so) Handyman, a blog where I convey real life stories about how I screw up home improvement tasks on a regular basis, yet can’t force myself to stop trying. http://nothandyman.com

  17. carolyn given

    My friends would be shocked to know I have NOT removed the post entitled The Great Evacuation, about my misadventure with Atkins and the resulting spontaneous … trail of sadness. While my daughter’s head was resting on my hip. My brother is not speaking to me until I remove it. The owner of Mount Wachusett begged me to take it down.

    You can read it here

    or scroll around on my site at http://www.carolyngivenwriter.blogspot.com
    until you find it. xo I am off to write about thoughtsbyparis and drop links like bats on Atkins all today’s post. xo cg

  18. celine trapeze bag beige

    obviously like your web site however you need to check the spelling on several of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very troublesome to tell the truth then again I will certainly come again again.

  19. Renée Camus

    How cool this is. Thanks for doing this, DJ. And those are the kinds of advertisements I’d prefer to see. Clicked on Awkwardly Alive, cause sounds like my kinda life.

    Different friends know different things about me, but probably most of them, many of whom took steps to be sure they never procreate, would be shocked to know that my husband and I tried very hard to get pregnant, to the point of doing IFV 3 times.

    My blog has nothing to do with that (not yet anyway), and is about geek and pop culture, as well as stereotypes and perceptions of what all that means. Take a look at http://www.geek-adjacent.com.

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