I Got Rejected for a Kiss (and, oh yeah, my book is out!)

I Got Rejected for a Kiss (and, oh yeah, my book is out!)

To buy the book, visit  http://amzn.to/10vk2oT

To buy the book, visit  http://amzn.to/10vk2oT

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  1. Lisa Newlin

    Tip: In your future romantic endeavors, I would suggest not referring to it as “I’m going to devour you and take you down kiss.” Hopefully you didn’t say that out loud. If so, I suspect a restraining order is on its way.

    Even if you didn’t say it aloud and only said it in your head, your hungry eyes may have given it away. After all, isn’t it Patrick Swayze who says when he looks with his “Hungry Eyes” that he can’t disguise? I’m thinking that’s what happened here.

    Don’t worry! Stay the course and keep getting rejected. I know it hurts your insides but it tickles the rest of us. (Ew. That sounds gross.)

  2. Kate Hall

    Hilarious. I had a favorite line from the vlog, but I can’t remember it now. Man, I didn’t even know about that whole server bandwidth thing. Will have to remember that when my blog gets huge. So excited for the book!

  3. Ryan Naylor

    Yeah, pretty honest stuff.

    Well, hopefully the rest of the date went ok..I mean, she didn’t run out during the middle or get that “emergency phone call”.

    1. Susan

      Do people really do that fake phone call thing? Really? Why can’t they just say they’re having a crappy time and leave? I don’t get it.

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