I Reviewed Bic For Her Pens on InThePowderRoom

D.J. Paris Bic For Her In the Powder Room

Sometimes I have to let an idea incubate. Every month I pen a short piece for InThePowderRoom, probably the greatest humor blog on the web. Or, accurately, the greatest humor blog on the web that has asked me to …

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I Reviewed the F-Cup Cookie on InThePowderRoom

f cup cookie

Once in a while I make a good life decision. Recently, I worked out an exclusive content agreement with bed humor site InThePowderRoom. This means I write fresh stuff for them every month. My dead for this month’s article is …

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I Reviewed the Diva Cup on InThePowderRoom

Diva Cup Gross

Menstruation is both gross and offensive. It is, however, one of those unavoidable consequences that a male must endure if he so chooses to co-habitate with a female of breeding age. Sure, the lady also endures, I SUPPOSE, but they’re not …

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Behold the 2015 Thoughts From Paris Holiday Card

ugly holiday christmas sweater

Normally, I out a handful of holiday cards to readers. In previous years I’ve held contests to win these valueless (but sentimental) items. I’ve sent cards to Africa, Australia, and a bunch of other continents that I can’t recall …

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The Legend of Poodle Businessman

chihuahua godzilla

Last year for Halloween I dressed as a middle finger. And even though that amazing costume got big laughs, much like a woman invited to three weddings in the same year, I was determined not to wear the same outfit twice. I …

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I Got Stupid on Stupid Ass Questions

stupid ass questions dj paris

The fine people at StupidAssQuestions asked me to respond to stupid ass questions. I think they wanted me to choose just one from the bunch they sent, but I answered everything. They were so taken with my wit that they …

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