Bloggers are Weird Podcast – Allison Arnone

Humor blogger (and my writing partner) Allison Arnone joins us for a discussion about online dating, social media, politics, and why her parents bought her at age 8 a ventriloquist dummy named Lester, an African American male-puppet dressed in a leisure suit. READ MORE

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Bloggers are Weird Podcast – Tara Wood – Love Morning Wood

Tara Wood is a mother of seven, humor blogger, and public speaker. She writes at LoveMorningWood and routinely says things you would have loved to hear from your friend’s mom, but would have been horrified to hear from your own mother’s lips. This is why she’s on the show. She’s clearly in need of more effective contraception. Let’s get on that, eggheads! READ MORE

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Bloggers are Weird Podcast – Susan Maccarelli – Beyond Your Blog

Susan Maccarelli visits the show to talk about her blog PeckedToDeathByChickens and her own podcast BeyondYourBlog. We discuss how to get published on other sites and in anthologies. There’s probably not a greater expert in the blogosphere on getting your words out there. Check it out! READ MORE

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Bloggers are Weird Podcast – Estelle Erasmus – Musings on Motherhood Midlife

Estelle Erasmus joins the show to talk about her reluctant transition from traditional print publications to self-published blogging and how she’s reinvented herself in the digital age. Please read MusingsOnMotherhoodMidlife and hire Estelle as your personal writing coach! READ MORE

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Bloggers are Weird Podcast – Stephanie Giese – Binkies, Briefcases and BlogU

How does someone earn the title “Most Viral Blogger of the Decade” by Huffington Post? Why did she create her own conference BlogU, now in it’s third year? Stephanie Giese joins me to discuss the success of Binkies and Briefcases, the conference, and why she double checks her tweets because of her pastor. READ MORE

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Bloggers are Weird Podcast – Quirky Chrissy – From Cary Elwes to Jenny McCarthy

Award-winning humor blogger Quirky Chrissy stops by to discuss how and why she started authentically writing, why she’s still trying to apologize to Cary Elwes and how she ended up as a guest on Jenny McCarthy’s radio show. Read everything she writes here! READ MORE

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Bloggers are Weird Podcast – Stephanie Sprenger – Mommy, For Real – The HerStories Project

Blogger superstar, author, and writing coach Stephanie Sprenger talks about how she went from blogging to getting published (now four books) in two years. She teaches a writing workshop for bloggers which you can learn about and sign up for here. She does it all, and she does it all well. Listen now! READ MORE

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Why Every Blogger Should Podcast – Presentation – Recorded at BlogU

Two days ago a blogger emailed me and asked how to get more readers.

It was a stupid question, for sure.

I wrote the person back (I didn’t know them at all) and said, “I’m going to tell you, but you’re not going to like the answer.” Then I wrote the answer. It was one sentence long. I almost hit send but realized that I was kind of being a dick. This wasn’t intentional. I believe it’s okay to ask stupid questions – we all do from time to time. I added in five actionable ideas the blogger could do right that moment guaranteed to boost their following. Then I clicked send. READ MORE

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Bloggers are Weird Podcast – Aussa Lorens – Hacker Ninja Hooker Spy

Award-winning blogger Aussa Lorens talks about her crazy family (which puts your crazy family to shame), her crazy exes (way crazier than your exes), and how thankful she is that her co-workers don’t realize she writes a blog.

How to listen to Bloggers are Weird: READ MORE

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