Bloggers are Weird Podcast – Tara Wood – Love Morning Wood

Tara Wood is a mother of seven, humor blogger, and public speaker. She writes at LoveMorningWood and routinely says things you would have loved to hear from your friend’s mom, but would have been horrified to hear from your own mother’s lips. This is why she’s on the show. She’s clearly in need of more effective contraception. Let’s get on that, eggheads! READ MORE

Why Every Blogger Should Podcast – Presentation – Recorded at BlogU

Two days ago a blogger emailed me and asked how to get more readers.

It was a stupid question, for sure.

I wrote the person back (I didn’t know them at all) and said, “I’m going to tell you, but you’re not going to like the answer.” Then I wrote the answer. It was one sentence long. I almost hit send but realized that I was kind of being a dick. This wasn’t intentional. I believe it’s okay to ask stupid questions – we all do from time to time. I added in five actionable ideas the blogger could do right that moment guaranteed to boost their following. Then I clicked send. READ MORE