ThoughtsFromParis Now Has Business Cards! (Just Like Your Dad!)

I decided that since I'm scheduled to attend BlogWorld in Los Angeles in November, I should get some business cards to hand out.

And even though business cards lost all practicality around 1997, it still seemed like the right thing to do.

We all know that nobody really likes it when you force a business card at someone unwarranted.   It's a douche move, plain and simple.

So, I bought them, and now I'm wondering, “What did I REALLY buy them for?”

And I meditated on this for a good five minutes.   (Note:   This involved wolfing down two slices of pizza and watching the Roast of Charlie Sheen.)

I'm going to BlogWorld, where nearly three thousand bloggers will congregate and share tips, ideas, and strategies to improve content, attract readers, and learn monetization strategies.   Some of my blog heroes will be there, people I respect and follow.

So, after a careful reflection, here's the truth – I got business cards because I want to hand them out and hope that people I respect read my stuff.   And like it.   And write me back telling me how great I am.   And offer me writing gigs.

Now, this is a sad truth, because I'm clear this will probably not happen.   First, because I'm really uncomfortable handing out business cards.   But even if I do, you know what people do with business cards.   They take them home, and wing 'em in the garbage.

So, again, you never know, but the odds of a business card   at a technology conference not winding up on someone's lunch tray and making it to their hotel room is small.

And then, typing in my web address into their browser, that's even less likely.

I have five hundred of these cards, and I'm pretty sure they're going to remain the box.   At least 475 of them.

So, if you meet me socially, make me feel good and ask for my website business card.   And when I produce one, pretend that you are so impressed.   It will make my day.

business card front
The Front!
business card back
You guessed it - the back!

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5 thoughts on “ThoughtsFromParis Now Has Business Cards! (Just Like Your Dad!)”

  1. kristalpistol87 says:

    I think you just wanted to look at something else with your name on it… but either way, hope it works out for you.

    1. D.J. Paris says:

       @kristalpistol87  I’ve given away exactly, 30 and 25 were at a blogging convention.  Great idea to get these cards.  Only 470 left.

  2. says:

    Thank goodness for Vista Print. I felt almost silly ordering mine before a convention I worked last year, but they did come in handy. Business cards are truly becoming a dying form of giving your information to someone else when you can Bump it right to their contact list on their phone.

  3. Kathleen says:

    Nothing wrong with business cards. I personally am a fan. While you could just enter information directly into phone contacts, I like to have the card in event of an error with entry.

    And in all honesty, your card looks cool.

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