Getting Set Up On A Date By The Woman Who Introduced Me To My Wife Who Ended Up Divorcing Me

I have an acquaintance named Elizabeth.   She’s not exactly a friend, because we never do anything together.   This is of no fault of either of us.   She has two kids and a husband.   She’s also a highly accomplished veterinarian and runs her own practice.   I like her very much, and she’s one of the sweetest people I have met.

Stock photo of veterinarian. I'd hit it. (the woman)

She’s also the person that introduced me to my now ex-wife.

Years ago in a different profession, Elizabeth happened to walk into our office.   We didn’t know each other, but started up a conversation.   There was an opportunity to do some business together, and I ended up taking her to lunch.   It became quickly apparent that the business wasn’t a good fit.   But, and this is seven years ago, I told her that if she ever knew any other single women that were pretty and smart with a good sense of humor, to pass their number over.

I didn’t see Elizabeth for months.   Quite honestly, I had forgotten all about her.   She showed up and I really didn’t recognize her.   My memory is just terrible.   Well, it turns out, she had married and returned from her honeymoon.   Which had been in Phuket.   Which happened to be during the tsunami.   On her last day of the vacation, she and her new husband had to leave the resort and head into the jungle.   Or something like that.   I really don’t remember.

I do remember being very moved by the story.

She also had a phone number for me to call, which happened to be another vet in her practice, Christina.   I’ve talked about this before, but Christina and I dated, two years later were engaged, and then married a year after that.

Then last July Christina called me to tell me she had filed for divorce.

Without getting into the specifics, which are actually quite boring, she had decided to move to California and start a new life.   We’re still very friendly, and nearly all of the anger has left me.   I still experience sadness from time to time, but that, too, will pass.

My dog and I are doing this PAWS event (Pets Are Worth Saving), which, intertestingly enough, is a place that my wife did surgery for a year.   They’re the largest no-kill shelter in Illinois, and one of the two big animal sanctuary organizations.   I’m not a huge “save animals” guy, but I support both, and do at least one event for each per year.

If you’d like to throw a few bucks toward my walk you can do so by clicking here.

Lil' Miss Meepers
At least I'm not one of those weirdos that gets a pit bull.

Anyway, I sent out an announcement via email to hit up my friends for donations.   This is always the email nobody wants to receive, but too bad.   I support their kids’ dumb activities.   So they have to do mine.

I guess Elizabeth was on my donate list, because I get this email from her last night.   Now, realize that I haven’t spoken to her in probably two years.

Hi DJ,

It’s really random that you sent me this because I was just thinking of you!  Are you open to being set up again?   I met a woman who has a daughter at my daughter’s school and she is great!   But I wasn’t sure if a. you mind dating someone with a child (she’s 5) and b. she is a few years older than you (40 or 41) and I wasn’t sure if that was OK with you too.   Otherwise, she is nice, pretty, tall and really funny.   The other reason why I thought of you  is because she was saying that she doesn’t drink and I know that you don’t either.

I know I didn’t get it right the first time with you and Christina, so if you are totally weirded out by this, then no worries.   I am not at all offended if you say no.

I wrote her back and told her that I’m not currently dating, as I’m still healing from the divorce.   I appreciated the thought, and if that woman is interested in building a friendship, I’m in.   As long as I never have to see the daughter, and we can pretend she doesn’t exist.   Kidding.

But it would be funny to think that what if she set me up on a date that I did end up marrying.   If that woman decided to leave me, I’m pretty sure I could sue Elizabeth.   Or at least create a voodoo doll and poke it with sharp pins.

It is very sweet to think that people think highly enough about me to set me up.   So, if you have a hot sister, send me over her best Glamour Shot.   I just may call.

glamor shots
Your mom.

10 thoughts on “Getting Set Up On A Date By The Woman Who Introduced Me To My Wife Who Ended Up Divorcing Me”

  1. Jamie says:

    you’re killing me with your stories:)) keep them coming

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      I’m replying to your comment two years later! Yes, I rock. Ha! Thanks for commenting Jamie!

  2. Linda K says:

    I enjoy the wry, bemused, tone of your writing. Keep it up.

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      Thanks Linda – I’m only two years late on this response!

  3. Grant C. says:

    I always smile when I read someone who is a dry as myself. Glad I came across this story and will look for more from you. However, I am not forwarding a pic of my sister.

  4. MissBatman24 says:

    I have a single friend who lives about an hour south of Chicago.   She was my roommate in college.   Although, I’m gonna guess you won’t like her for 2 reasons   A) she took me to see Papa Roach and ENJOYED HERSELF and 2) She likes to argue.  

  5. Sharona Zee says:

    I tell everyone I know to fix me up 🙂 If I meet someone in their 20’s or 30’s, I always ask if they have cute uncle. Everyone laughs and tells me how funny I am, but I’m actually not kidding at all.

    So, fix me up, really 🙂

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      Fine – you’re SO NEEDY! I’ll start looking.

  6. Parkes1213 says:

    Wow, that is interesting. I would be so embarrassed to consider setting someone up on a date after the last relationship I set up ended in divorce. Ouch! Another moment of “glad I’m not Elizabeth”

    1. D.J. Paris says:

      It was a pretty funny scene – the woman turned out to be a psycho (the date). I wrote about it somewhere. It was funny.

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